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Влияние войны в Афганистане на советских солдат /english/

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he impac of he Afgha War o sovie soldiers. Defe se of he Socialis Mo herla d is he sacred du y of every ci ize of he USSR. Ar icle 62, Sovie 1977 Co s i u io Sovie i vasio i Afgha is a s ar ed i December 1979, whe he firs mili ary roops crossed he Afgha border. O ly a he ime of 'peres royka', i he year 1988, Gorbachov, he leader of Poli buro - s ar he process of wi hdrawi g mili ary roops from he erri ory of Afgha is a . Be wee 1979 a d 1988, abou 15,000 soldiers were killed, a d ma y o hers were wou ded. Gorbachov wa ed o s op ha war. He s opped i as a his orical fac . Bu did he s op ha war i side he hear s of housa ds of ve era s who came back o heir homes? Did he preve he ega ive impac of ha war o soldiers' lives? he a swer is simple - o. My essay will give evide ce i suppor of his opi io . he Afgha War cha ged ma y people's lives i he USSR. S ill, i prese -day Russia, he co seque ces of ha war are appeared. he grea es impac of he Afgha War ca be see o he people who were here - soldiers who had o serve i Afgha is a a d fulfill heir 'i er a io al du y'. he war for which here was o eed, had des royed ma y soldiers' lives. Fif ee housa d of hem had bee killed, a d ma y o hers had bee i jured, some havi g become i valids, u eeded o he gover me who had se hem o ha war, a d o he people who were o i he war. Every si gle you g ma who we o Afgha is a co i ued his life differe ly from he people who had ever bee here. he effec was due o merely o a war, bu o he whole sys em of he ex-USSR. I my essay I will ry o describe bo h of hese effec s o soldiers' lives. he ew life for he eigh ee year old boys bega whe hey gradua ed from high school. Some of hem became recrui s duri g he spri g draf , o hers duri g he fall draf . Recrui s bou d for Afgha is a would receive 8-10 weeks' rai i g before bei g se o heir u i s. From ha mome hey became subjec o he subordi a io of officers hrough he formal cha els of au hori y, a d he i formal of dedovshi a (discrimi a io by he older soldiers). ewcomers were kep i li e, while bei g bea e . his co i ued u il he ew soldiers agreed o acquiesce. ha was jus he begi i g of soldiers' lives, bei g se o he war hey all experie ced i very differe ways. he impac of figh i g a d he experie ce of killi g, dedovshi a, a alie mili ary i s i u io , a d a alie la d cha ged he charac ers a d lives of he soldiers before hey re ur ed home. 'We were i a alie la d. A d why were we here? o his day, for some, i does ' ma er.' War i Afgha is a was o exclusively a male war. Ma y of he wome who volu eered o served i Afgha is a were urses, o hers filled a varie y of suppor or ur ure roles (as cooks, for example). he res were i volved i paperwork or commu ica io . For hese i Afgha is a wome he mai problem became me . hey a rac ed soldiers i Afgha is a o o ly as sex objec s bu also as mo her figures. Of e wome were raped by soldiers who had bee se o Afgha is a i s ead of goi g o priso . hus i he Sovie pa riarchal socie y he belief ha wome who served i Afgha is a were whores or pros i u es ook roo . Here, a woma who had served i Afgha is a describes her feeli gs: 'You fulfilled your i er a io al du y i a bed'.

My mo her proudly a ou ced o her frie ds: 'My daugh er was i Afgha is a .' My aive mo her! I wa o wri e o her: 'Mo her, be quie or you'll hear people say your daugh er is a pros i u e.' Af er comi g home, soldiers orga ized he form of a commu i y ha hey had bee accus omed o i Afgha is a , wi h heir ow cus oms a d jargo . Comi g back o ormal life was e ormously difficul for hem, because of he reaso s ha I will explai i ex paragraph. hus, from he begi i g hey separa ed hemselves from he surrou di g socie y. Ma y ve era s became members of Mafia groups. he lives of he re ur i g soldiers differed from each o her, bu o o e poi i was he same for every ve era : hey could o live ormal lives i socie y, as hey would have wi hou havi g experie ced he war. I he words of a ve era who had served i Afgha is a : 'You ever really come home.' O e of he mai reaso for ve era s holdi g back from socie y was ha civilia s me soldiers comi g back o homes wi hou ho or. For y-six perce of civilia s said ha he Afgha war was a Russia a io al shame, a d o ly 6% of hem said ha hey were proud of heir soldiers who had fulfilled heir i er a io al du y i Afgha is a . Ve era s fel ha heir effor s a d e dura ce had o bee wholly i vai . Of e ve era s became he objec of cri icism by media a d public opi io . People hough ha he war had made warriors of he me , a d, i fear, kep away from ve era s. he media blamed hem - o he gover me - for aki g par i he war a d par ly for losi g i . hus, af er comi g back, soldiers s ar ed o look wi h ew eyes upo he socie y ha had se hem o heir dea h. While hey had bee i Afgha is a , he public a d media had expressed co emp for he soldiers; af er hey re ur ed, his se ime o ly i creased. Disrespec o he people a d o he gover me al sys em became commo amo g soldiers who were experie ci g discrimi a io af er havi g fulfilled heir du y. his si ua io galva ized po e ial me , u happy wi h heir poli ical sys em i o s riki g. Duri g he pu sch of 1991, ma y ve era s suppor ed Mayor Sobchak, who suppor ed he pu sch agai s he ew democra ic gover me i Le i grad. he lo g- erm impac , a d o e of he mos errible co seque ces of he Afgha War, was he addic io of soldiers o alcohol a d drugs. Dea h, dri ki g, a d drugs became par of he ve era s' lives forever. Drugs were esse ial o he survival of he soldiers. Drugs helped hem o carry 40 kilos of ammu i io up a d dow he mou ai s, o overcome depressio af er heir frie ds' dea hs, o prevail over he fear of dea h. Drugs a d alcohol became he usual procedure of self-medica io whe o her op io s were de ied. he abuse of drugs crea ed a ge era io of drug a d alcohol addic s. Accordi g o he official repor s of he Russia Depar me of Heal h Services, 40 millio s medically cer ified alcoholics i 1985 were regis ered. Co sump io of alcohol had i creased 20,4% from i s co sump io i 1950-79. If hese were official repor s he i is possible ha hey were o ly a par of ru h, a d a o her par is like he bo om par of a iceberg - i ca o be predic ed. here was ' a si gle perso amo g us who did o ry drugs i Afgha is a . You eeded relaxa io here, or you we ou of your mi d.

Ve era of Afgha War Comi g back home, ve era s fou d employme i ma y differe fields, from drivi g buses o ba ki g. Bu mos of hem s ar ed o work o he field which was closes o wha hey had do e i Afgha is a . Emerge cy services such as he fireme , mili ia a d rescue depar me s had a shor age of workers a ha ime a d ma y of he Afgha ve era s co i ued o work here. Fi di g a job was o e of he privileges which he gover me gave o he ve era s. his was maybe he o ly privilege which was really fulfilled. Bu his was a s ra egic ma euver for he Sovie gover me : o preve ve era s from assumi g employme i he U io of Afgha War Ve era s Socie y. he gover me was afraid of his U io because i u i ed he mos da gerous a d prepared warriors i Russia. A o her major impac of he Afgha war o soldiers lives' was i juries a d me al disorders. 'Mos of us came home. O ly we all came home differe ly. Some of us o cru ches, some of us wi h gray hair, ma y i zi c coffi s.' Al hough a medical service was es ablished o a moder a d highly effec ive level ( 93% of he roops received i i ial medical aid wi hi 30 mi u es a d he a e io of a specialized doc or wi hi six hours), ma y soldiers became i valids duri g he war. Fif y housa d soldiers were wou ded i ac io , of whom 11,371 became i valids a d were u able o re ur o work, while 1,479 ve era s received he mos serious ca egory of disabili y. hese ve era s were u able o co i ue worki g a d leadi g ormal lives. hese circums a ces forced hem o live o he ear i gs of heir family members a d o he gover me s' i valid be efi . Bu eve hese be efi s were paid i co s a ly a d were ex remely low. O e of he privileges which Afgha is a ve era s received was a fla i a ewly buil house. I he Sovie Russia sys em, which recog ized o priva e ow ership of proper y, every si gle ci ize had o wai i a li e of housa ds of people before ge i g a fla . Afgha is a ve era s were pu a he begi i g of ha li e, bu corrup io i he Russia bureaucracy had wide ed he process of gra i g ew fla s o he i valids a d ve era s. hus whe he free marke eco omy was es ablished i Russia a d all he li es for he fla s were ca celed, people had o buy hem wi h heir ow mo ey, a d ma y ve era s a d i valids of he Afgha War remai ed wi hou heir fla s. hus he bureaucra ic sys em i Russia had lef mos of he ve era s wi hou heir privileges a d be efi s. O e mo her wro e i he le er o Poli buro 'Why did you rui my so , why did you spoil his mi d a d his soul?'. While physical disabili y was rela ively easy o prove a d o cure, he psychological damage was far more complica ed o diag osis a d o rea . Moder cou er-i surge cy wars i volve a par icularly high i cide ce of psychological damage; ge erally Pos - rauma ic s ress disorders, symp oms which i clude flashbacks, emo io al umb ess, wi hdrawal, jumpy hyperaler ess or over-compe sa ory ex roversio . his was caused par ly because of he cri ical s resses of comba a d i jury. I mos cases me al disorders were caused by u clear fro -li e zo es. Soldiers had experie ced mos ly 'road war' wi hou clear fro -li e mea ha o place was safe.

PВо внутренней политике вы делаете то, что вам заблагорассудится,P сказал Брежнев,P не учитывая, нравится нам это или нет. Нас это не устраивает. Чехословакия находится в пределах тех территорий, которые в годы Второй мировой войны освободил советский солдат. Границы этих территорийP это наши границы. Мы имеем право направить в вашу страну войска, чтобы чувствовать себя в безопасности в наших общих границах. Тут дело принципа. И так будет всегда Брежнев и его политбюро были реалистичнее Дубчека и его соратников, веривших в социализм с человеческим лицом. В Москве ясно понимали, что любая реформация социализма ведет к его крушению. И были правы. Москва знала по венгерскому опыту, что отмена цензуры, свободные выборы, отказ от всевластия партии ведет к смене режима. А следующим шагом станет выход из Варшавского договора. Москву не интересовала судьба социализма. Советские лидеры хотели сохранить контроль над Восточной Европой. Был ли иной вариант развития событий? Конечно, былP польский вариант. В декабре 1981 года польская компартия, по существу, утратила контроль над страной

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Матрешка 5 в 1 (Д-282).
Игрушка из натуральной древесины. Матрешки: 5 в 1. Игрушка расписана цветными красками. Цель игры: развитие мелкой моторики, координации
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50 фишек. Размер поля: 24 х 35 см. Размер фишки: 40 х 45 х 14 мм. Материал: полипропилен.
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Раздел: Пластмассовая

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Мыло-пенка "Pigeon" для младенцев (сменная упаковка), 400 мл.
Мыло-пенка "Pigeon" разработано специально для мытья малыша с рождения. Низкий уровень кислотности такой же, как у нежной кожи
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Головоломка "Кубик Рубика 2х2".
Кубик Рубика 2х2 от компании «Rubik's» - это упрощенная разновидность классической головоломки. Каждая грань кубика состоит не из 3,
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Тетрадь общая с магнитной закладкой "FLUOR. Желтый", В5, 120 листов, клетка.
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Настольная игра "На память".
Следите за тем, в каком порядке загораются кнопки, а затем правильно повторите последовательность загоравшихся цветов! Отличная игра,
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Кувшин "Садовая ягода", 1200 мл.
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Глобус политический, d=21 см.
Глобус политический. Диаметр - 21 см. На треугольной подставке.
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Раздел: Глобусы

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85. Патриотизм русского народа в войне 1812 года

86. Старый Оскол в годы Великой Отечественной войны
87. Бессмертный подвиг героев - казахстанцев в Великой Отечественной войне
88. Военные действия в ходе первой мировой войны

89. Немецкий менталитет и происхождение двух мировых войн (Райнер Бендик)

90. Военная и экономическая помощь СССР Китаю в годы японо-китайской войны 1937–1945

91. Неизвестные страницы Холодной войны

92. Холодная война: Корейская война(1950-1953)

93. Что я знаю о Великой Отечественной Войне

94. Были ли в Германии плавающие танки накануне Второй Мировой Войны?

95. Советско-Финская война 1939-1940 гг.

96. Советский Союз в войне 1941-1945 гг.

Ящик, 50 литров, 530x370x300 мм.
Ящик для хранения сэкономит место и поможет поддерживать идеальный порядок. Ящик без колес. Материал: пластик. Цвет: прозрачный. Объем: 50
640 руб
Раздел: Более 10 литров
Кружка "Пистолет", черная, с позолоченной ручкой.
Кружка для решительных мужчин и смелых женщин. Оригинальный дизайн позолоченной ручки, имитирующей рукоять пистолета, делает эту вещицу
629 руб
Раздел: Кружки
Пистолет с мыльными пузырями "Batman", 45 мл (свет, звук).
Что может быть веселее, чем устроить мыльное шоу с пузырями или мыльные перестрелки, обстреливая своих соперников каскадом маленьких
371 руб
Раздел: С выдувателями, на батарейках

97. Приход фашистов к власти в Германии, как предпосылка к началу 2-ой мировой Войны

98. Медицинское обеспечение российской армии в период Первой Мировой Войны

99. Испано-американская война 1898г.

100. Подробная хронология Великой Отечественной Войны

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