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An English Speaking Country - New Zealand

Ручка "Шприц", желтая.
Необычная ручка в виде шприца. Состоит из пластикового корпуса с нанесением мерной шкалы. Внутри находится жидкость желтого цвета,
31 руб
Раздел: Оригинальные ручки
Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
18 руб
Раздел: Совки
Наклейки для поощрения "Смайлики 2".
Набор для поощрения на самоклеящейся бумаге. Формат 95х160 мм.
19 руб
Раздел: Наклейки для оценивания, поощрения

Реферат по английскому языку  выполнила студентка 1 курса Факультета управления и психологии Отделения психологии Михайлусенко Екатерина Кубанский государственный университет, Кафедра иностранных языков для естественных специальностей Краснодар 2005 Geography Loca io ew Zeala d s re ches 1600 km from or h o sou h i co sis s of wo large isla ds arou d which are sca ered a umber of smaller isla ds, plus a few far-flu g isla ds hu dreds of km away. ew Zeala d's erri orial jurisdic io ex e ds o he isla ds of Cha ham, Kermadec, okelau, Auckla d, A ipodes, S ares, Sola der a d Bou y (mos of hem u i habi ed) a d o he Ross Depe de cy i A arc ica. he or h Isla d (115,000 sq km) a d he Sou h Isla d (151,000 sq km) are he wo major la d masses. S ewar Isla d, wi h a area of 1700 sq km, lies direc ly sou h of he Sou h Isla d. he cou ry is 10,400 km sou h-wes of he USA, 1700 km sou h of Fiji a d 2250 km eas of Aus ralia, i s eares large eighbor. I s wes er coas li e faces he asma Sea, he par of he Pacific Ocea which separa es ew Zeala d a d Aus ralia. Wi h a o al la d mass of 268,000 sq km, al oge her ew Zeala d's la d area is grea er ha ha of he UK (244,800 sq km), smaller ha ha of Japa (377,800 sq km), a d jus a li le smaller ha ha of Colorado i he USA (270,000 sq km). Wi h o ly 3,540,000 people, a d almos 70% of hose livi g i he five major ci ies, ha leaves a lo of wide ope spaces. he coas li e, wi h ma y bays, harbors a d fiords, is very Io rela ive o he la d mass of he cou ry. A o able fea ure of ew Zeala d's geography is he cou ry's grea umber of rivers. here's a lo of rai fall I ew Zeala d a d all ha rai has o go somewhere. he Waika o River i he or h Isla d is ew Zeala d's lo ges river, measuri g i a 425 km. Also i he or h Isla d, he Wha ga ui River is he cou ry's lo ges avigable river, which has made i a impor a wa er-way from his oric imes dow o he prese . ew Zeala d also has a umber of beau iful lakes; Lake aupo is he larges a d lakes Waikaremoa a a d Wa aka are wo of he mos beau iful. Flora a d Fau a As is he case for mos Pacific isla ds, ew Zeala d's a ive flora & fau a are, for he mos par , o fou d a ywhere else i he world. A d, like o her Pacific isla ds, Z's a ive ecosys em has bee drama ically affec ed a d cha ged by pla s a d a imals brough by se lers, mos ly i he las 200 years. Wild pigs, goa s, possums, wallabies, rabbi s, dogs, ca s a d deer have all made heir mark o he a ive' wildlife, a d blackberries, gorse, broom a d agricul ural weeds have i fes ed huge areas of la d. ew Zeala d is believed o be a fragme of he a cie sou her co i e of Go dwa ala d which became de ached over 100 millio years ago allowi g ma y a cie pla s a d a imals o survive a d evolve i isola io . As a resul , mos of he Z flora & fau a is i dige ous/e demic. I has he worlds larges fligh less parro (kakapo), he o ly ruly alpi e parro (kea), he oldes rep ile ( ua ara), some of he bigges ear hworms, he smalles ba s, so me of he oldes rees, a d ma y of he rares birds, i sec s, a d pla s i he world. he firs Maoris brough some ra s a d he ow ex i c Maori dog (kuri) wi h hem bu he o ly i dige ous mammals a ha ime were ba s.

Much of ew Zeala d's u ique flora & fau a has survived, bu oday over 150 a ive pla s -10% of he o al umber of a ive species - a d ma y a ive birds are hrea e ed wi h ex i c io . Gover me a d Poli ics he gover me al s ruc ure of ew Zeala d is modeled o he Bri ish parliame ary sys em, elec io s bei g based o u iversal adul suffrage. he mi imum vo i g age is 18 a d ca dida es are elec ed by secre ballo . he maximum period be wee elec io s is hree years, bu he i erval ca  be shor er for various reaso s, a d he gover me of he day ca call a early elec io . Vo i g is o compulsory, al hough o average more ha 80% of hose eligible o vo e do so. he differe ce be wee he UK's Wes mi s er sys em a d he Z model is ha ew Zeala d has abolished he upper house a d gover s solely hrough he lower house. K ow as he House of Represe a ives, i has 120 member's sea s. he gover me ru s o a par y sys em. he par y ha wi s a majori y of sea s i a elec io au oma ically becomes he gover me a d i s leader. he prime mi is er. he wo mai par ies are he a io al (co serva ive) a d Labor par ies. Like he UK, ew Zeala d is a co s i u io al mo archy. he radi io al head of s a e, he reig i g Bri ish ki g or quee , is represe ed by a reside gover or-ge eral, who is appoi ed for a five-year erm. A i depe de judiciary makes up a o her ier of gover me . he wo-par y sys em has radi io ally made i difficul for o her par ies o gai much power. ever heless, i he 1993 elec io he Allia ce par y, composed of he Gree s a d o her groups i cludi g Labor groups a d former a io al Par y MPs, gai ed 18% of he vo e. Elec io resul s i 1993 were so close ha he a io al Par y was o ly vo ed i by a majori y of o e sea , ahead of he Labour Par y, a d he smaller Allia ce a d Z Firs par ies, which bo h had wo sea s. Af er a refere dum i 1993 o assess he public's ideas o a umber of elec oral reforms, ew Zeala ders vo ed overwhelmi gly for propor io al represe a io . he gover me has i roduced he MMP (Mixed Member Propor io al) elec oral sys em, which is a limi ed form of propor io al vo i g based o he Germa elec oral sys em. U der MMP, elec ors have wo vo es: a elec ora e vo e a d a par y vo e. Of he 120 parliame ary sea s, 60 are ge eral elec ora es, where he ca dida e who receives he mos elec ora e vo es i a elec ora e is vo ed i direc 1y as he member of parliame . A fur her five MPs represe five Maori elec ora es, chose by Maori vo ers usi g heir elec ora e vo es. he remai i g 55 'lis ' sea s are alloca ed accordi g o he perce age of he par y vo e received from a lis of ca dida es omi a ed by poli ical par ies. A par y mus have a leas 5% of he par y vo e or wi a elec ora e sea o ge i s alloca io of propor io al lis sea s I remai s o be see how he ew sys em will affec he exis i g poli ical power base. he big wi ers from he cha ges are he larges mi or par ies, such as he Allia ce, bu small par ies will s ill have difficul y gai i g sea s. he wo mai par ies will co i ue o domi a e parliame , bu majori y gover me s may become a hi g of he pas . Flag he ew Zeala d a d Aus ralia flags are very much alike.

Wi h he Bri ish flag i he op lef -ha d cor er, he ew Zeala ders show he s ars of he Sou her Cross i red o a blue field. Popula io a d People ew Zeala d's popula io of arou d 3,5 millio is comprised of 78.3% ew Zeala d Pakeha, 13% ew Zeala d Maori a d 5% Pacific Isla d Poly esia , while 1.3% are Chi ese, 0.9% are I dia a d 1.5% are 'O her'. Europea s are he o ly group decli i g, perce age-wise, while Maori, Poly esia , Chi ese, I dia a d 'O her' peoples are o he rise. Ma y of he isla ds of he Pacific are curre ly experie ci g a rapid popula io shif from remo e a d u developed isla ds o he 'big ci y' a d Auckla d is very much he big ci y of he Sou h Pacific, wi h he grea es co ce ra io of Poly esia s o ear h. I some imes causes a grea deal of argume , discussio a d e sio a d much of i is o be wee he rece Pacific immigra s a d he Pakeha popula io bu be wee he isla ders a d he Maori, or amo g he various isla d groups hemselves. Asia migra io is also i creasi g. As well as a sizeable I dia commu i y, mos ly from Fiji, ew Zeala d has bee a rac i g migra s from Eas Asia, ma y of whom have migra ed u der ew Zeala d's rece immigra io i ce ives o a rac skilled people a d especially fi a ce o he cou ry. Over he las 15 years or so he eco omic si ua io has led o a mass exodus o Aus ralia a d fur her a field, hough improvi g eco omic co di io s has see a slowi g of emigra io . Wi h o ly abou 12.6 people per sq km, ew Zeala d is ligh ly· popula ed by ma y cou ries' s a dards bu i is much more de sely popula ed ha Aus ralia wi h i s s re ches of emp y cou ry a d 2.2 perso s per sq km. he Sou h Isla d o ce had a grea er popula io ha he or h Isla d bu ow he Sou h Isla d is he place o go for elbow room- he e ire popula io of he Sou h Isla d is barely more ha ha of Auckla d. he a io 's capi al is Welli g o bu Auckla d is he larges ci y. Al oge her he popula io of he 15 larges 'urba areas' comes o early 70% of Z's popula io -Auckla d alo e has 28% of he e ire popula io . Despi e i s rural base, ew Zeala d is i fac very much a urba cou ry. Religio he mos commo religio i ew Zeala d is Chris ia i y. he 'big hree' de omi a io s are A glica (Church of E gla d) wi h 25% of he popula io , Presby eria wi h 18% a d Roma Ca holic wi h 16%. Ma y o her de omi a io s also have followi gs, wi h Me hodis s, Bap is s. Mormo s, Bre hre , Jehovah's Wi esses, Pe ecos als, Assemblies of God a d Seve h Day Adve is s all well represe ed, alo g wi h various o her fai hs i cludi g Hi dus, Jews, Muslims a d Baha'is. he Ra a a a d Ri ga u fai hs, also wi h sig ifica followi gs, are Maori adap a io s of Chris ia i y. here are also a sig ifica umber of people (16.7%) who have o religio . Educa io ew Zeala ders place a high value o educa io , a d vir ually he e ire popula io is li era e. By law, educa io is ma da ory a d free for all childre be wee he ages of six a d 15; i fac mos childre e er school by he age of five, a d ma y also have a e ded preschools before ha , all subsidized by he s a e. Correspo de ce school is available for childre who live i remo e places.

Town streets were what we used most – breakfast, night markets, nosing around and making purchases, all were successfully accomplished there – and we had experience of construction roads in Gansu and Anhui. Finally, the back alleys "developed" by migrant workers gave us a story to add to our interview plan. On 10 September, we took a taxi to a chaotic and jam-packed back street in the Zhongyang area of Zhengzhou city, to interview an intriguing woman who had turned her back on her village to come to this back street and make her living as a shoe-mender. By dint of twenty-eight years spent repairing shoes in all kinds of weather, Mrs Xie had managed to put her son and her daughter through the best universities in China. As we drove, the female taxi driver said to us: "I can hear you speaking a foreign language. Which kind of English are you speaking? Which English-speaking country are you from? What have you come to do in this dirty old street?" We wanted to make sure she was not one of those Chinese taxi drivers whose "alertness and vigilance" might lead to trouble from the local police, so we earnestly told her about educational charity work we were involved with

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2. Relations between Ukraine and English-speaking countries

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6. English country-side
English country-side
7. Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school
Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school
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Countries and cities

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Стиральный порошок "INDEX", универсал, 6000 грамм.
Предназначение: для стирки изделий из хлопчатобумажных, льняных, синтетических тканей, а также тканей из смешанных волокон (кроме изделий
1024 руб
Раздел: Стиральные порошки
Карандаши цветные "Kores", 36 цветов, с точилкой.
Цветные карандаши имеют насыщенные цвета. Шестигранная форма корпуса снижает усталость и придает дополнительный комфорт. Мягкий грифель.
622 руб
Раздел: Более 24 цветов
Подставка для колец Zoola "Кошка", хром.
Серия стильных и функциональных держателей для украшений от Umbra. Они предназначены как для хранения украшений, так и общего декора
590 руб
Раздел: Подставки для украшений

17. New York City Short Essay

18. Древняя aнглийская проза (Ancient English Prose)

19. The history of Old English and its development

20. Types of tests used in English Language Teaching Bachelor Paper

21. Indirect speech acts in modern English discourse. - Косвенные речевые акты в современном английском дискурсе

22. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia
The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia
23. Interactive method of teaching English grammar
Interactive method of teaching English grammar
24. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia
The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

25. Русские заимствования в английском языке (Russian borrowings in English language)

26. Interactive method of teaching English grammar

27. A Country Report and Profile - Republic of Uzbekistan

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32. Ванг Ан (Wang An)

Полка для ванной (сиденье) (голубой).
Материал: пластик. Длина: 680 мм. Ширина: 310 мм. Высота: 40 мм. Выдерживает вес до 100 кг.
451 руб
Раздел: Решетки, сиденья для ванны
Доска разделочная Regent прямоугольная с ручкой, 30x20x1,2 см.
Разделочная доска отвечает за комфорт приготовления и заметно экономит время, затраченное на готовку блюда. Изделие Bosco сделано из
353 руб
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Мешок для обуви, цвет серый (арт. OM-846-5/1).
Объемный мешок для обуви, одно отделение, боковой карман на молнии, дополнительная ручка-петля, лямки из репсовой стропы. Вместимость:
379 руб
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33. Polysemy In The Semantic Field Of Movement In The English Language

34. English language

35. English idioms

36. A new weapon shooting from behind a corner is invented in Israel

37. Our country

38. Problems of city and country life
Problems of city and country life
39. A country across the channel
A country across the channel
40. Russian country-life
Russian country-life

41. What will be there in my new flat

42. The lesson of English

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45. Examining english business letters

46. Internal Structure of a Proton and New Method of Receiving of Energy

47. Чарльз, принц Уэльский english

48. Хэмфри Богарт english

Ручка-стилус шариковая "Людмила".
Перед Вами готовый подарок в стильной упаковке — шариковая ручка со стилусом. Она имеет прочный металлический корпус, а надпись нанесена с
415 руб
Раздел: Металлические ручки
Настольная игра "Много-Много", новая версия.
«Много-Много» — единственная в своём роде игра, в которой дети знакомятся с арифметической операцией умножения. С помощью специально
792 руб
Раздел: Математика, цифры, счет
Настольная игра "Живые картинки (Schau Mal)".
Рисунки на карточках настольной игры Живые картинки действительно оживают! Свет в окнах гаснет, щенок засыпает, рыбка выпрыгивает из
608 руб
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49. What is energy english

50. Winning a Fortune english

51. Питер Бердж english

52. Современные электронные средства массовой информации english

53. Остров Пасхи english

54. Конфликт между Палестинскими Арабами и Евреями english
55. William Shakespeare english
William Shakespeare english
56. Смерть Мадам Тюссо english

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58. Теория социокультурных систем как основа для потенциального анализа конфликтов english

59. Socio-cultural foundations of east-european&Russian geopolitics english

60. Вестминстер english

61. 2 Топика по иностранному языку english

62. Топик по иностранному языку english

63. 2 Топика по иностранному языку english

64. 3 сочинения по иностранному языку english

Развивающая настольная игра "Котосовы".
Коты и совы — любимые животные ведьм. Бедняги так часто подвергаются магическим экспериментам, что подчас не сразу отличишь, кто перед
792 руб
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Точилка механическая.
Настольная механическая точилка отличается высоким качеством работы и долговечностью механизма. Пластиковый корпус. Механизм крепления к
547 руб
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Электрогрелка "ГЭМР5-60".
Материал: высококачественный текстиль. Напряжение питания: 220 В. Потребляемая мощность 40 Вт. Переключатель режимов: есть
486 руб
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65. Топик по иностранному языку english

66. Сочинение по иностранному языку english

67. 6 вопросов по иностранному языку для 11 класса english

68. 4 Топика по иностранному языку english

69. 2 топика по английскому языку english

70. Топик по иностранному языку /english/
71. 2 топика по иностранному языку /english/
72. 4 топика по иностранному языку /english/

73. 9 сочинений для 9 класса /english/

74. 9 сочинений для 9 класса /english/

75. Международная политика english

76. Татарстан /english/

77. Музеи и галереи искусств /english/

78. Хобби /english/

79. Знаменитости /english/

80. Праздники и традиции в России и англо-язычных странах /english/

Полка на ванну.
Материал: полипропилен. Размер: 300x70x680 мм. Максимальная нагрузка: 80 кг. В ассортименте без возможности выбора.
469 руб
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Антимоскитная сетка "Лето" для дверного проема, 2.1x1.0 м.
Антимоскитная сетка предназначена для размещения на дверном проеме у Вас дома или на даче. Сетка выполнена в виде занавесок, оснащена
579 руб
Раздел: Сетки противомоскитные
Доска пробковая, с алюминиевой рамой, 60x45 см.
Доска выполнена из пробки высокого качества, имеет регулируемые элементы крепления, алюминиевая рамка соединяется пластиковыми уголками.
681 руб
Раздел: Демонстрационные рамки, планшеты, таблички

81. Путешествие /english/

82. Спорт в мире /english/

83. Спорт в моей жизни /english/

84. США /english/

85. Москва /english/

86. Проблемы молодости /english/
87. All English proverbs and sayings
All English proverbs and sayings
88. English Language
English Language

89. English Painting and Art Galleries

90. English Themes - Theatre

91. HOLIDAY New Year

92. Lexicology of the English Language

93. New York

94. Some Difficulties of Translating English Phrasal Verbs into Russian

95. Word-formation of the English language. Conversion

96. Все топики по ENGLISH

Маркеры перманентные, 12 цветов.
В наборе 12 перманентных маркеров. Оставляют след на обратной стороне бумаги.
588 руб
Раздел: Перманентные
Стиральный порошок "Molecola", для цветного белья, с растительными энзимами, 1,2 кг.
Стиральный порошок "Molecola" эффективно удаляет загрязнения, не повреждая волокна ткани, сохраняет насыщенный цвет и
357 руб
Раздел: Стиральные порошки
Ящик с крышкой Darel Box, 41x30x21 см.
Универсальные и герметичные боксы идеально подходят для хранения меха, одежды и домашнего текстиля. Герметичность конструкции обеспечивает
319 руб
Раздел: Более 10 литров

97. The English Countryside

98. The working day of an engineer

99. On a decomposition of an element of a free metabelian group as a productof primitive elements

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