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The unions of artists - "THE BLUE ROSE" AND "THE JACK OF DIAMONDS"

Крючки с поводками Mikado SSH Fudo "SB Chinu", №4BN, поводок 0,22 мм.
Качественные Японские крючки с лопаткой. Крючки с поводками – готовы к ловле. Высшего качества, исключительно острые японские крючки,
58 руб
Раздел: Размер от №1 до №10
Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо, планеты", черный.
Оригинальный светильник-ночник-проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фанариков); 2) Три
350 руб
Раздел: Ночники
Гуашь "Классика", 12 цветов.
Гуашевые краски изготавливаются на основе натуральных компонентов и высококачестсвенных пигментов с добавлением консервантов, не
170 руб
Раздел: 7 и более цветов

&quo ;A blue rose&quo ; he larges ar educa io af er &quo ; he ar World&quo ; a d &quo ; he U io of Russia ar is s&quo ; was &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ;. U der his ame i 1907 i Moscow he exhibi io which has u i ed group of you g ar is s, rece pupils of he Moscow school of pai i g, sculp uri g a d archi ec ure - followers of Borisov-Musa ov has ake place. hough his exhibi io was u ique, i has revealed a ge erali y of i i ial crea ive pri ciples a d graphic recep io s of he mas ers prese ed by i which have formed a special direc io i Russia pai i g. he exhibi io &quo ;Blue rose&quo ; has o ed o ly passi g mome i heir crea ive evolu io , bu he mome sig ifica . I was ime of he co fusio which have cap ured a co siderable par of Russia socie y i a mosphere of reac io af er defea of revolu io , ime reflec ed i ar by a ambigui y of he purposes. he aggrava ed se si ivi y o shades, ua ces of vague moods ge era ed images u s eady, escapi g, a rac ed ar is s o searches of he rafi irova o-refi ed colour rela io s, a hi is decora ive-or ame al melodic rhy hm, difficul effec s of he ma e-flickeri g pic uresque i voice. he charac eris ic sample of such pai i g is &quo ; he Blue fou ai &quo ; (1905) - a early clo h of o e of leadi g mas ers of a direc io of P.V.Kuz e sova (1878-1968). he fur her evolu io of his ar is is ypical for he majori y of mas ers of &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ;. I co sis ed i overcomi g of he hyper rophied psychologism, i aspira io o come back o primary simplici y of se sa io s of a reali y. I was o , however, a way of refusal of former pic uresque sys em, a d i s logic developme a d perfec io . So here is a series of he pic ures devo ed заволжским a d he Ce ral Asia s eppes. Co empla io of imme se ope spaces, supervisio of a measuredly-quie life of omad ribes has brough wi h i self cleari g from u der he power of vague moods, has ur ed he ar is from e er ally escapi g o e er ally real. &quo ;A Mirage i s eppe&quo ; (1912) - o e of he mos perfec produc s of his cycle. he high sky, quie li es of horizo , sof ou li es of e s freely dissemi a ed i space, accre e wi h he ear h a d repea i g ou li es of a heave ly dome, simple a d rhy hmical moveme s of he people cu i g sheep, prepari g he food, sleepi g, - all i ha ks o surprisi gly hi , o accord of color, forms a d co ours develops i поэтически a comple e pic ure of he world, over which o imperiously ime. Before us primi ive pa riarchal idyll, &quo ;Golde Age&quo ;, dream of harmo y of he perso a d he a ure, come rue i reali y. Pai i g of hese clo hs is based o hi нюансировке he colorful surface which have go riches a d so ori y of color o e, before obscured a d foggy. Flexible live co ours as if are see hrough a ra spare ripple нагретого by he su of air. Subjec s ha ks o i s ay o a clo h as hough i a suspe sio , are spiri ualized, ge a cer ai magic weigh less ess. I seems, ha all image is pe e ra ed by a u iform live rhy hm, as hough a sile wave of he lyrical deligh cha gi g a pic ure of he validi y i cer ai &quo ;paradise visio &quo ;. he hi pa he ic lyrics of pai i g is combi ed wi h solem rhy hmic of he composi io s cou erbala ced a d symme ric.

Ориентальная he heme orga ically e ers i o crea ivi y of o her par icipa of &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ;, oge her wi h Кузнецовым s udyi g i he Moscow school, - M.S.Sarja a (1880-1972). Pic uresque me hod Сарьяна receives he perfec ed form i 10 h years of XX ce ury u der impressio of rips o urkey, Ira a d Egyp . he ar is does o wri e off every hi g from a ure, ha sees a eye, a d searches a comple e pic uresque image, he colorful formula. As well as a Кузнецова, a basis of expressive ess of i s clo hs is he color s ai a d he is or ame al-decora ive orga iza io of he image o a pla e. Such produc s Сарьяна, as &quo ;S ree . Midday. Co s a i ople &quo ;(1910),&quo ; he goi g woma &quo ;(1911),&quo ; he Da e palm ree &quo ;(1911), dis i guishes ha i would be possible o ame dy amism of visio . I o lo g co empla io , a d fas fixi g of he basic colorful rela io s i sharply co ras compariso s. If pai i g Кузнецова is similar o lyrical ou pouri g, pai i g Сарьяна - a colorful aphorism co cer i g see . prefers he i e sive, brigh , defi i ely direc ed ligh co ceali g shades of color a d bari g co ras s, sharply desig a i g borders ligh a d dark. I his respec i s pai i g remi ds he color drawi g, some imes, as for example, i &quo ; he goi g woma &quo ;, fi ds ou similari y o applica io . he validi y o clo hs appears co de sed i colorful hyperboles, reachi g heigh s of pa he ic sou di g. I s palm ree pu i he ce re of a ca vas, i is proud uplif i g over poor dwelli gs he leaves which remi d a viole colorful fou ai , wi h force bea i g of a ru k upwards a d i bread h, i seems a embodime of spo a eous power of he a ure, really &quo ;a life ree&quo ;. So he by, hrough specific ac iviza io of he pic uresque form, Сарьян comes o a co de sa io ordi ary-real o e er al poe ic symbols. As a direc io of Russia pai i g of he begi i g of XX ce ury &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ; is closes o symbolism poe ics. A basis of his affi i y is basic i s alla io o ra sforma io of images of he validi y o purpose o exclude possibili y of li eral percep io of hi gs a d he phe ome a, havi g cleared i hem o ordi ary, high commu ica io s a d values. I he fi e ar s i pours ou i predilec io for a y ra sforma io s i sphere of visual percep io - o sharp perspec ive reduc io s a d he u expec ed foreshor e i gs al eri g he form of subjec s, o reflex io s i wa er, o glass, i mirrors, o he s uffy vibra io dissolvi g co ours, e c. he hea re becomes sphere of he mos effec ive a y more o ly visual, a d u iversal ra sforma io of he validi y a ha ime. I has appeared ha soil where pai i g of &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ; a d symbolism have me direc ly. he mos i eres i g varia of his dialogue of pai i g wi h symbolism a hea re represe s . .Sapu ova's crea ivi y (1880-1912). oge her wi h o her mas er of &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ; - S.J.Sudejki ym (1882-1946) i became he desig er of symbolical dramas firs i Russia M.Me erli ka (a hea re-s udio MH o Cook, 1905). Coopera io wi h from here origi a es. Мейерхольдом - i s a eme s &quo ;Гедды Габлер&quo ; Ibse , &quo ;Балаганчика&quo ;. O he o her ha d, &quo ; he magic of hea re&quo ;, forci g o worry ar ificial, i ve ed a d fa as ic as origi al a d live, i is ra sferred o easel pai i g.

So here is a whole group of he produc s wri e &quo ;apropos&quo ; of correspo di g hea rical performa ces. he roma ic ar is who has become isola ed i he world, crea ed by whims of imagi a io , s ar s o accep ge era io s of ow imagi a io for he validi y. here is a ra sforma io symbolical &quo ; he magic world&quo ; i &quo ;buffoo ery&quo ; - are ha &quo ;теза&quo ; a d he symbolism &quo ;a i hesis&quo ;, o ed by he Block i 1910, a d s ill earlier, i he 1906 which have become by a heme of a lyrical drama &quo ;Балаганчик&quo ;, which s a eme made ou . From he mome of work o his performa ce a crea ivi y co s a ly here are eleme s of exhibi io buffoo ery, bas e s yliza io a d gro esque. hese e de cies reach he apogee i o fi ished pic ure &quo ; ea dri ki g&quo ; (1912) &quo ;A jack of diamo ds&quo ; he bou dary is o ed 1910-1911 by occurre ce o are a of a ar life of ew groupi g u der he causi g ame &quo ;a jack Of diamo ds&quo ;. A co s a ker el of he socie y which have exis ed ac ually ill 1916, he ar is s P.Ko chalovsky, I.Mashkov, A.Le ulov, A.Kupri , R.Falk who have become subseque ly by visible mas ers of he Sovie ar have made. &quo ; he jack of diamo ds&quo ;, he havi g char er, exhibi io s, collec io s of ar icles, was a ew i flue ial direc io i Russia ar of he begi i g of XX ce ury he impressio ism i all i s upda i g was simul a eously a d a s ar i g poi of ar developme , a d ha crea ive me hod i which overcomi g ar is s of &quo ;a jack of diamo ds&quo ; saw he priori y. From he very begi i g hey ac as furious oppo e s of previous ar - &quo ; he ar World&quo ;, he refi ed psychologis of pai i g of &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ; are rejec ed from a hreshold. A he hear of disco e of you g ar is s wi h a s a e of affairs i he moder ar social mo ives - crisis i Russia, wi h especial force show i revolu io 1905-1907, a d come he years of reac io (1907 - 1910) laid. his disco e wi h a &quo ; wiligh &quo ; epoch was expressed i отвержении all vague, mys erious, held back i ar . I a cou erbala ce of symbolical pai i g of &quo ; he Blue rose&quo ; ar is s of &quo ;a jack Of diamo ds&quo ; aspired o express mos co siderably moveme from co ce ra io o subjec ive o clear se sa io s o fi di g of s abili y of a visio , colors, o he co s ruc ive logic of pic ure co s ruc io . he s a eme of a subjec a d co cre e ess i a spa iali y cou erbala ce makes a i i ial pri ciple of heir ar . I his co ec io pai i g of subjec s - a s ill-life is pu forward o he firs place. Polemic problems of pai i g of &quo ;a jack of diamo ds&quo ; have fou d especially brigh embodime i crea ivi y of o e of group I.I fou ders. Mashkov (1881 - 1944). &quo ;Dark blue plums&quo ; (1910) i is possible o co sider i as he origi al sloga of his direc io . he image of he frui laid i a s a ic decora ive composi io , as hough has falle asleep halfway from crude subs a ce of pai s of a pale e o real color of a ure. he ar is assimila es he work o work of he ha dicraf sma doi g hi gs. I his case such hi g is he pic ure. he ar is approaches pai i g o a io al crea ivi y wi h feeli g of a i i ial ma erial i here i i .

The basic flow of agent material which is not subject to particular suspicion goes from countries with hard regimes into countries with more soft regimes. In the opinion of the GRU, an opinion fortified by the experience of many years, the hardest country is Great Britain, followed by France, the United States, the Federal Republic of Germany, Belgium and Holland. As soft countries the GRU includes Finland, Ireland and Austria among others. The GRU also makes very wide use of countries of the Third World for this purpose, and couriers may sometimes make very long journeys before the material finally arrives in the hands of the GRU. Examples are known of material obtained in the United States going first to Latin America, then to Africa and only from Africa being conveyed to the Soviet Union. In recruiting couriers, the GRU pays particular attention to the drivers and guards of long-distance trains, commercial travellers and sailors of merchant fleets. When hi-jacking of aircraft became more frequent and controls at airports became stricter, the GRU virtually gave up recruiting the crews of airliners

1. Going public and the dividend policy of the company

2. Model of the nucleus of atom and the table of elements

3. The development of computers in ukraine and the former USSR

4. The Comparative Analysis Of The History Of The Computer Science And The Computer Engineering In The USA And Ukraine

5. Bilateral relations between countries and the complexity of newspaper editorials

6. The Socialist-Revolutionaries and the labor movement (the beginning of the twentieth century)
The Socialist-Revolutionaries and the labor movement (the beginning of the twentieth century)
7. Ghandi and the myth of non-violent action
Ghandi and the myth of non-violent action
8. Russia and the international economy
Russia and the international economy

9. The Union Jack

10. The history of England can be defined as the gradual process of Parliament asserting its authority over the monarchy

11. Hatfield and the North

12. Review of Bill Gates’s book ”Business @ the Speed of Thought”

13. Alcohol and the Workplace

14. Robin Hood and The Sheriff

15. Ireland and the Continent

16. Law Enforcement and the Youthful Offender

Точилка механическая "KW-Trio", с контейнером, 1 отверстие.
Точилка механическая, с контейнером, 1 отверстие, 12 мм.
1751 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Конструктор электронный "Знаток", 999 схем + школа.
Электронный конструктор "Знаток" - это 21 практическое занятие для школы и множество схем для дополнительных занятий. Основная
3856 руб
Раздел: Инженерные, научно-технические
Контейнер "Аптечка", 9 литров.
Контейнер "Аптечка" - оптимальное решение для хранения лекарств. Снабжен вкладышем для сортировки небольших предметов:
380 руб
Раздел: 5-10 литров

17. Holidays in Russia, Britain and the USA

18. World War I and the Armenian Genocide

19. Economic and sociological analysis of suicide

20. Legal and linguistic aspects of translating english legal terminology

21. Lexical and grammatical peculiarities of scientific-technical texts

22. Theoretical and methodological aspects of translation
Theoretical and methodological aspects of translation
23. Comparison of the Renaissance and Enlightenment (Сравнение Ренессанса и Просвещения)
24. Представители Ренессанса (Representatives of the renaissance and thair contribution to the literature)

25. The history of Old English and its development

26. History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english

27. History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english

28. The City of London and its role as a financial centre

29. Flora and Fauna of the USA

30. The history of smart-cards and their place in modern Russia

31. A Brief History of the Internet and Related Networks

32. The development of the drama. The theatres and actors

Игра настольная развивающая "Интересные профессии".
Обучающая игра пазл-липучка состоит из 5 игровых полей, заполняя которые, ребенок изучает название и назначение 5-ти известных профессий,
592 руб
Раздел: Человек, профессии
Игровой набор Lalaloopsy "Карусель" для создания украшений из бусинок.
Отличный набор, сочетающий игровые элементы и творчество, позволит Вашей юной мастерице создавать уникальные авторские аксессуары из
1299 руб
Раздел: Современные, герои мультфильмов
Подставка под ванночку "Карапуз" универсальная (с сушилкой).
Подставка для ванночки предназначена для того, чтобы сделать купание Вашего малыша максимально удобным. Она надежна и проста в
1223 руб
Раздел: Горки, приспособления для купания

33. Of the Polish political parties and organizations in Vilnius (1919 - 1922 gg.)

34. Incorporation of [2,3,4,5,6-2H5]Phenylalanine, [3,5-2H2]Tyrosine, and [2,4,5,6,7-2H5]Tryptophan into the Bacteriorhodopsin Molecule of Halobacterium halobium

35. Formation and development of political parties in the Republic of Belarus

36. The history of Germany and tourism

37. The origin and history of the English language

38. The political thinking of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau decisively shaped the western intellectual tradition
The political thinking of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau decisively shaped the western intellectual tradition
39. The War of the Roses: the Historical Facts of the Tudor Myth (Shakespeare’s Histories)
40. The creation and activities of local organizations of the Bund Belarus
The creation and activities of local organizations of the Bund Belarus

41. The models of atom’s nucleus and table of elements.

42. The Tower of London

43. Consequence of building the National Missile Defense

44. The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.

45. История Советсткого флота (History of the Soviet fleet)

46. The Church of England

47. Jealousy as the cause of internal self-destruction in "Kreutzer Sonata" by Leo Tolstoy (Ревность как причина внутреннего самоуничтожения в "Крейцеровой сонате" Льва Толстого)

48. The history of railways (История железных дорог)

Глобус Земли, политический, 250 мм.
Глобус Земли политический. Диаметр: 250 мм. На пластиковой подставке.
504 руб
Раздел: Глобусы
Сковорода-гриль чугунная, со складной деревянной ручкой, 25x25 см (квадратная).
Размеры: 25х25х2 см. Чугунная литая сковорода-гриль со складной ненагревающейся деревянной ручкой, с кольцом для подвешивания. Обладает
720 руб
Раздел: Сковороды гриль
Карандаши цветные "Bic Aquacouleur", 12 цветов.
Яркие цвета, легкая затачиваемость и высокая устойчивость к поломке делают эти карандаши отличным вариантом для детей. Можно использовать
441 руб
Раздел: 7-12 цветов

49. Alaska’s Wildlife: on the Verge of Extinction (Живая природа Штата Аляска на грани исчезновения)

50. How telecommunication change the defenition of work /Telework/

51. Substance abuse: Alcohol Consumption and alcohol dependence among the youth (Социологическое исследование проблемы алкоголизма среди студентов)

52. The conflicts of the modern world. A competitive society

53. The Impact of the Afghan War on soviet soldiers

54. The Irish and South America
The Irish and South America
55. The role of art in our life
The role of art in our life
56. Three Waves of Alvin Toffler. The Basic Points
Three Waves of Alvin Toffler. The Basic Points

57. The Economy of Great Britain

58. Особенности ведения бизнеса в Китае (The peculiarities of marketing strategy development in China)

59. The History of English

60. The profile of an effective manager

61. The influence of the Great Britain on our daily life

62. The Queen of the UK

63. The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War

64. The house of my dream

Набор первоклассника, для девочек, 16 предметов.
В наборе 16 предметов: - Подставка для книг. - Настольное покрытие для творчества. - Веер "гласные". - Веер
721 руб
Раздел: Наборы канцелярские
Рапидограф, 0,13 мм.
Чертежный прибор для черчения и рисования на бумаге, ватмане и чертежной пленке. Заправляется одноразовыми патронами. Пишущий узел
1584 руб
Раздел: Циркули, чертежные инструменты
Комплект постельного белья евро "Самойловский текстиль. Незабудка", с наволочками 70х70 см.
Постельное белье "Самойловский текстиль" – отличный подарок себе и близким. Качественное, удобное и красивое постельное белье
1588 руб
Раздел: Бязь

65. The Cinema World. Moden film festivals and film industry and stars

66. Entertainment outside the home: Pubs and clubs Leisure and sports

67. The role of art in our life

68. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

69. The History of Alaska (история Аляски)

70. Evaluating the GPRS Radio Interface for Different Quality of Service Profiles
Evaluating the GPRS Radio Interface for Different Quality of Service Profiles
71. Allergy Enlightenment: Is Modern Medicine Fighting the Causes of This Ailment? Are Doctors Telling Us Everything?
72. The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War
The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War

73. Преп. Максим исповедник о бесконечности человека (st. Maximus the confessor on the infinity of man)

74. Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry

75. The profile of an effective manager

76. Redesigning the Dragon Financial Reform in the Peoples Republic of China

77. The history of Australia

78. The Taming of the Shrew

79. The teaching of Hugo Gratius

80. The dark side of the moon

Механическая настольная точилка.
Механическая точилка. Пластиковый корпус. Регулируется под размер карандаша. Подходит для карандашей диаметром до 12 мм. Крепление к столу
753 руб
Раздел: Точилки
Полотенце вафельное "Лаванда", банное, пляжное, 100х150 см.
Вафельное полотенце "Лаванда". Легкое и практичное полотенце удобно использовать на пляже, в бане и в бассейне. Плотность
304 руб
Раздел: Большие, ширина свыше 40 см
Мелки в пластиковом держателе, 9 цветов.
Мелки для ванны можно смыть водой и тряпочкой. Состав - мел+воск. Количество цветов: 9. Возраст: с 3 лет.
313 руб
Раздел: Восковые

81. The United States of America

82. Polysemy In The Semantic Field Of Movement In The English Language

83. The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

84. The United States of America

85. What type of toys do the kids prefer nowadays?

86. THE Growing Influence of English Mass Culture
THE Growing Influence of English Mass Culture
87. Sports in Great Britain, the USA and Russia
Sports in Great Britain, the USA and Russia
88. The 8th of March
The 8th of March

89. Discovery of the New World

90. The faculty of mathematics of Irkutsk State University

91. Use of the Topical Project Work “My Body” for Developing All Language Skills in Form 4

92. The United States of America

93. The lesson of English

94. Cities of the USA

95. The climate of Great Britain

96. The Doctrine of the "Mysterious Female" in Taoism

Кольцеброс с корзинами и мячами.
Спортивная игра. Цель играющих - набросить кольца с установленного расстояния на один из четырех вертикальных стержней, так чтобы кольца
470 руб
Раздел: Кольцебросы, кегли
Рюкзак "Стрит", черный.
Практичный рюкзак с универсальным дизайном подойдет для тех, кто в первую очередь ценит комфорт и сохранность своих вещей. Станет надежным
330 руб
Раздел: Без наполнения
Комплект детского постельного белья 1.5 "Принцесса".
Постельное белье из бязи выполнено из высококачественного хлопка, что гарантирует крепкий и здоровый сон. Комплект не требует особого
1498 руб
Раздел: Детское, подростковое

97. The sights of USA.

98. Why was Washington made the capital of the United States?

99. The political system of Ukraine

Поиск Рефератов на сайте za4eti.ru Вы студент, и у Вас нет времени на выполнение письменных работ (рефератов, курсовых и дипломов)? Мы сможем Вам в этом помочь. Возможно, Вам подойдет что-то из ПЕРЕЧНЯ ПРЕДМЕТОВ И ДИСЦИПЛИН, ПО КОТОРЫМ ВЫПОЛНЯЮТСЯ РЕФЕРАТЫ, КУРСОВЫЕ И ДИПЛОМНЫЕ РАБОТЫ. 
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