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The development of sustainable tourism in Turkey

Фонарь желаний бумажный, оранжевый.
В комплекте: фонарик, горелка. Оформление упаковки - 100% полностью на русском языке. Форма купола "перевёрнутая груша" как у
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Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
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Карабин, 6x60 мм.
Размеры: 6x60 мм. Материал: металл. Упаковка: блистер.
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College of ourism a d ho el ma ageme Why I choose his opic / why his opic i eres s me? ourism is o e of he fas es growi g eco omic sec ors i he world, which has expa ded drama ically over he las 50 years a d has become a global i dus ry. ‘Al hough i has bee u deres ima ed u il qui e rece ly, ourism has lo g bee a ce ral compo e of he eco omic, social a d cul ural shif ha has lef i s impri o he world sys em of ci ies i he pas wo decades’ (Dumo 2005). Accordi g o World rade Orga iza io (W O) s a is ics, here were a o al of 693 millio ouris arrivals across he globe i he 2002. Moreover, W O is forecas i g ha by 2010 here will be over o e billio arrivals. A he Europea level, ourism is o e of he bigges eco omic sec ors a d belo gs o he larges key i dus ries of he 21s ce ury (Dumo 2005). Europea ourism accou s for 2/3 of global ourism (Coas Lear 2006), while he Medi erra ea is he world’s umber o e ouris des i a io a d he bigges ourism regio i he world, accou i g for 30% of i er a io al arrivals a d 25% of receip s from i er a io al ourism (EEA 2001). Fur hermore, he Europea E viro me al Age cy is predic i g ha he umber of ouris s i he Medi erra ea cou ries is expec ed o i crease from 260 millio i 1990 (135 millio i he coas al regio ) o somewhere be wee 440 a d 655 millio i 2025 (235 o 355 millio i he coas al regio ). urkey is Europea a d Medi erra ea cou ry a he same ime, where ourism is of e see as i s eco omic fu ure, si ce i co ribu es sig ifica ly o he GDP a d he employme ra es. Also, urkey has joi ed he re d of a growi g umber of Europea ci ies a d urba regio s ha are promo i g he developme of ourism i order o overcome he pos -i dus rial crisis mos of hem are sufferi g (Dumo 2005). his opic i eres s me, because owadays urkey is o e of he mos popular mass- ourism des i a io s, wi h i 's growi g umber of ouris s (for example (i forma io is provided by mi is ry of cul ure a d ourism of urkish Republic. i 2006 he cou ry was visi ed by 2905817 foreig people i augus , i 2007 by 3384065 ouris s, i 2008 by 3762136 people). urkey is he des i a io o be developed, a d sus ai able ourism, ( he ourism ha combi es high s a dards of quali y wi h e viro me al co s rai s, ouris s a d local reside s i a frie dly a d s imula i g ma er which would prove o be a be er way o co duc ourism all over he world, is he bes ype of ourism o be developed, i is self-mai ai i g ourism, which is solvi g problems wi hou a harm o i s surrou di gs. he World Commissio of E viro me a d Developme (WCDE) i roduced he co cep of sus ai able developme i he Bru d la d Repor i 1987, defi i g sus ai able developme as “developme ha mee s he eeds of he prese wi hou compromisi g he abili y of he fu ure ge era io s o mee heir ow eeds”. I his projec I am goi g o i ves iga e whe her he ourism of oday has bad i flue ce a d whe her his bad i flue ce ca be overcome wi h he developme of sus ai able ourism/ Wha is my academic backgrou d of choosi g his opic a d how I jus ify i ? As my academic backgrou d is ourism a d Ho el busi ess, I've decided, ha I am more familiar wi h ourism marke sec or, so his i le has bee chose for his reaso .

Which people will be efi from my research? ravel age cies a d ourism compa ies, who works wi h his par icular des i a io , will be efi from my research. . I addi io , hey ca use my research for heir work, because i will be very useful for all of hem. Wha is more, ouris s ca ake i co sidera io my research a d s ar hi ki g wha really hey wa from sus ai able ourism i he fu ure. O his way, hey ca help ourism ma agers o develop ourism a d he hospi ali y i dus ry. Moreover, I hi k ha academics should pay a e io for my projec as well. Because hey will k ow, for example, wha ki d of ew ech ologies ca be eeded. Also, my assig me ca be used by he s ude s who will fi ish heir educa io i eares fu ure a d are pla i g o work i ourism i dus ry. hey ca propose i ova io s i ourism i which hey are goi g o work. Pla i g he research Wha I should hi k abou , while pla i g my research? I should, firs ly, se he ques io s o be a swered, seco dly, o u ders a d how a d where o fi d he i forma io , a d, hirdly, o hi k abou he ways his collec ed da a mus be a alyzed. S a eme of objec ives a d hypo hesis o be exami ed I my Research I will exami e 2 hypo hesis ques io s = 1.Is he umber of visi ors growi g as he Mi is ry of Cul ure a d ourism is focused o he developme of sus ai able ourism? Wi h i s objec ives: Exami a io of sus ai able ourism i urkey Exami a io of he Mi is ry of Cul ure a d ourism s ra egy Exami a io of ouris grow h =2. Is urkey becomi g a world bra d i ourism a d has he possibili y of becomi g he major des i a io i he lis of he op five cou ries receivi g he highes umber of ouris ? Wi h i s objec ives: Exami a io of he world bra ds i ourism Exami a io of possibili ies a d oppor u i ies of urkey o become he major descrip io i he lis of he op 5. he limi a io of he hypo hesis ques io : ime - as ourism i ge eral is a very complex ac ivi y, a d urkey has bee experie ci g rapid developme of ourism i he las 10 years, o make a de ailed a alysis of he ourism sec or, i s impac s a d co ribu io o he sus ai able developme of he commu i y, a lo of ime is required. I forma io accessibili y- available i forma io is mos ly co ec ed wi h he eco omic aspec s of ourism, while he social a d e viro me al issues were sligh ly or o a all accessible, al hough o describe a d o a alyze sus ai able ourism i forma io abou e viro me a d socie y is eeded. O e of he possible reaso s for ha could be he fac ha urkey is seei g ourism as i s eco omic fu ure, a d i is s ill o aware of he i erco ec io be wee he eco omic, social a d e viro me al impac s of he ourism. As a resul , eve hough here are various impac s urkey, o ly some of he impac s will be described. Research me hodology. Research seems i dica es a highly specialized, abs rac ac ivi y, divorced from daily life, discoveri g a d u ders a di g he huma e viro me . I is i creasi gly sig ifica a all levels of service i dus ry ma ageme . he i formal, commo -se se ‘research’ by which we form our i dividual, day- o-day percep io s of he e viro me is usually i egra ed i o a whole ra ge of o her fu c io s a d ac ivi ies, which do o eed o be i o words, or subjec ed o co scious a alysis.

E viro me al observa io of e eeds o be repor ed or recorded i ma ageme si ua io s, bu here agai hey e d o be o ly o e compo e of ma ageme ac ivi y, seldom u der ake solely for heir ow sake. De ails of i forma io /da a collec io me hod he ypes of my i forma io /da a collec io are goi g o be, mai ly, seco dary, hey are books, ar icles, i er e . ( “Da a Collec io is a impor a aspec of a y ype of research s udy. I accura e da a collec io ca impac he resul s of a s udy a d ul ima ely lead o i valid resul s”, so i should be ga hered a e ively, compared wi h each o her, a d provided clearly o be u ders ood by he reader. As seco dary da a has bee collec ed for a differe purpose o mi e, i should be rea ed i wi h care. he basic ques io s I should pay a e io o are: ( Where has he da a come from? Does i cover he correc geographical loca io ? Is i curre ( o oo ou of da e)? If you are goi g o combi e wi h o her da a are he da a he same (for example, u i s, ime, e c.)? If you are goi g o compare wi h o her da a are you compari g like wi h like? Sources ha have bee used o collec ecessary i forma io abou urkey i order o wri e his research were he Chamber of Commerce, Mi is ry of Cul ure a d ourism, S a e Pla i g Orga iza io , official websi es of urkey , as well as releva li era ure a d ar icles (some of hem are i urkish la guage) abou he ourism. Likewise, I have used a umber of ar icles a d official websi es of he various world k ow orga iza io s, such as U EP (U i ed a io s E viro me Programme), W O (World ourism Orga iza io ), U ESCO a d W C (World rade a d ourism Cou cil). De ails of da a a alysis me hods I am goi g o a alyze my seco dary da a wi h he me hod of observa io , as i saves ime a d mo ey si ce he work has already bee do e o collec he da a. ha le s me avoid problems wi h he da a collec io process. Li era ure review: Le 's have a look a some previous researches ha are rela ed o my area of i ves iga io . Firs o e:( ) i le: Sus ai able ourism developme : he case s udy of A alya, urkey Au hor: Kaya, La if Gurka ; Smardo , Richard Da e: 2001 Source: I : Kyle, Gerard, comp., ed. 2001. Proceedi gs of he 2000 or heas er Recrea io Research Symposium. Ge . ech. Rep. E-276. ew ow Square, PA: U.S. Depar me of Agricul ure, Fores Service, or heas er Research S a io . 222-227 his paper discuss ideas abou how ourism ca be made base for sus ai able ourism developme i A alya, urkey. (Ge eral Overview abou urkey: urkey, geographically be wee eas a d wes ; developed a d u derdeveloped; u sus ai able a d sus ai able, has a coas li e. i cludi g isla ds, of 8333 kilome ers. urkey is bordered by four seas) he i roduc io is a ge eral overview of sus ai able ourism developme i coas al areas. he paper also addresses he role of GOs i he course of developme . I forma io is give abou coas al ourism facili ies i urkey. Fi ally, sus ai able ourism developme i he case s udy area, A alya, is discussed ex e sively as a charac eris ic regio i urkey. I a rece a alysis by Al aba (1997) his issue of growi g dema d was comme ed i he followi g way: “S ar i g from 1960s o wards he fas ra e of he urba iza io a d i crease of employme i ourism a d o her service sec ors suppor ed by a efficie highway e work a d well-developed ra spor a io facili ies i he wes er par of A a olia, Mai la d i urkey, have s imula ed i creasi g dema d o coas al regio s”( he objec ive abou grow h of ouris a d he oppor u i ies of becomi g o e of he op 5) I was realized ha he ourism sec or could be very effec ive for solvi g he foreig curre cy shor age wi hi eco omy, as well as suppor he i crease of a io al i come (Al aba 1998).

Together, added Verleger, that could help stabilize the price at around $25 a barrel, “which seems to be the ideal range for sustainable global growth.” In sum, we in the West have a fundamental interest in keeping the American dream alive in Beijing and Boise and Bangalore. But we have to stop fooling ourselves that it can be done in a flat world with 3 billion potential new consumers-if we don't find a radical new approach to energy usage and conservation. If we fail to do so, we will be courting both an environmental and geopolitical whirlwind. If there was ever a time for some big collaboration, it is now, and the subject is energy. I would love to see a grand China-United States Manhattan Project, a crash program to jointly develop clean alternative energies, bringing together China's best scientists and its political ability to implement pilot projects, with America's best brains, technology, and money. It would be the ideal model and the ideal project for creating value horizontally, with each side contributing its strength

1. The development of computers in the USA

2. Formation and development of political parties in the Republic of Belarus

3. “The Role of Smallpox Vaccination in Mortality Decline in the Great Britain through Eradicating the Disease between XVIII-XX centuries – Facts or a Political Arithmetick?”

4. The Algorithm of a Start and the Development of International Conflicts and Possible Ways of Their Solution

5. The development of the drama. The theatres and actors

6. Особенности ведения бизнеса в Китае (The peculiarities of marketing strategy development in China)
7. Use of the Topical Project Work “My Body” for Developing All Language Skills in Form 4
8. International Combating The Crimes Harming The Economic Development Of States
International Combating The Crimes Harming The Economic Development Of States

9. Jealousy as the cause of internal self-destruction in "Kreutzer Sonata" by Leo Tolstoy (Ревность как причина внутреннего самоуничтожения в "Крейцеровой сонате" Льва Толстого)

10. The role of art in our life

11. The role of art in our life

12. The Problem of Holmelessness in Canada

13. Internet helps in development of education and democracy

14. The history of smart-cards and their place in modern Russia

15. American Literature: An Overview Of The Development From The 17th To The 20th Centu-ries

16. Islam in the eyes of the West

Вешалки-плечики "Стандарт", комплект 10 штук, синие.
Вешалка-плечики металлическая, покрыта слоем ПВХ. Предназначена для бережного хранения одежды. Металличекая, покрытая слоем ПВХ. Размер:
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Раздел: Вешалки-плечики
Сахарница с ложкой "Mayer & Boch", 450 мл.
Оригинальная сахарница MAYER&BOCH выполнена из высококачественного стекла и нержавеющей стали. Данная модель отличается современным
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Раздел: Сахарницы
Конструктор "Краски дня. Утро", 55 деталей.
Дети дошкольного возраста, особенно мальчишки, обожают складывать из деревянного конструктора целые города, в которых есть и дома, и
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Раздел: Деревянные конструкторы

17. Industrial development of the African countries

18. The history of Germany and tourism

19. The problems of the Subjunctive Mood in English

20. Eugene Hlebtsevich and the establishment of free public libraries in Belarus in the early twentieth century in the context of socio-political and cultural processes of the time

21. Advertising in the world of art

22. The Tower of London
The Tower of London
23. The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.
The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.
24. The history of railways (История железных дорог)

25. How telecommunication change the defenition of work /Telework/

26. The Castles of England

27. The Impact of the Afghan War on soviet soldiers

28. Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry

29. The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.

30. Династия Тюдоров (essay the house of Tudor)

31. Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov: on the brink of suicide. Ф.М. Достоевский, Преступление и наказание

32. The influence of the Great Britain on our daily life

Стиральный порошок "INDEX", универсал, 2400 грамм.
Предназначение: для стирки изделий из хлопчатобумажных, льняных, синтетических тканей, а также тканей из смешанных волокон (кроме изделий
444 руб
Раздел: Стиральные порошки
Автомобильный холодильник D-H24P "Delta", голубой, 24 л.
Объем: 24 л. Номинальная мощность: - в режиме охлаждения (12В/220-240 В ~) 40/48 Вт, - в режиме нагрева (12В/220-240 В ~) 39/45
4157 руб
Раздел: Автомобильные холодильники
Повязка-держатель для головы "Соня".
Предназначена для фиксации головы ребенка, при поездки в автокресле. Хлопок 100% Товар в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
321 руб
Раздел: Прочее

33. The Queen of the UK

34. Tourism in Germany

35. The house of my dream

36. The History of Alaska (история Аляски)

37. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

38. Династия Тюдоров (essay the house of Tudor)
39. Allergy Enlightenment: Is Modern Medicine Fighting the Causes of This Ailment? Are Doctors Telling Us Everything?
40. The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War
The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War

41. Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry

42. The profile of an effective manager

43. The history of Australia

44. Мальтийский еврей (The Jew of Malta)

45. The practice of modern medicine


47. Dissociation of Benzene Molecule in a Strong Laser Field

48. The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Доска пробковая "Premium", деревянная рамка, 120x90.
Изготовлена c использованием наполнителя Softboard, что придает дополнительную прочность в процессе перевозки и хранения, а также
1559 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Мешок для обуви "Animal Planet. Бабочки", 41x33 см, розовый.
Мешок для обуви, с дополнительным карманом на молнии. Размер: 41х33 см. Цвет: розовый.
325 руб
Раздел: Сумки для обуви
Копилка, 12,5 см.
Копилка поможет Вам наконец-то собрать требуемую сумму для покупки долгожданной вещицы.
586 руб
Раздел: Копилки

49. The History of Moscow

50. The 8th of March

51. The protection of the environment

52. The library of our institute

53. The lesson of English

54. Model of the nucleus of atom and the table of elements
Model of the nucleus of atom and the table of elements
55. Has the EU reached the limits of integration?
Has the EU reached the limits of integration?
56. The sights of USA.
The sights of USA.

57. Why was Washington made the capital of the United States?

58. The cities of USA

59. Eyck, Jan van: The Adoration of the Lamb

60. The main fault of The 70s or the years of “might-have-been hopes”

61. The House of Yorks

62. The declaration of independence

63. The war of the roses

64. The Feather of Finist the Falcon

Мешок для обуви "Space".
Мешок для обуви с увеличенными габаритами со светоотражающими элементами. Мешок изготовлен из износо- и морозостойкого водоотталкивающего
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Карандаши цветные "Kores", 50 цветов.
Ударопрочные цветные карандаши имеют насыщенные цвета. Трехгранная форма корпуса снижает усталость и придает дополнительный комфорт.
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Раздел: Более 24 цветов
Музыкальная карусель на кроватку "Наш тёплый дом. Саванна" с проектором (цвет: розовый).
Изготовлено из высококачественного пластика. 2 уровня громкости. Режимы с вращением и без. Звуки природы, спокойные колыбельные мелодии
1719 руб
Раздел: Мобили

65. Colonization and Development of Pennsylvania

66. Is the nature of quantum chaos classical?

67. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

68. The history of Ancient Egypt

69. The Formation of Youth Subcultures

70. The Taming of the Shrew
The Taming of the Shrew
71. The map of England
The map of England
72. The history of Manhattan
The history of Manhattan

73. The notion of the agreement of the purchase and sale According to art

74. The production of 2H-labeled amino acids by a new mutant of RuMP fucultative methylotroph Вrevibacterium methylicum

75. Communication The Exchange of Information

76. Economic bases of innovative activity in public health services

77. Oscar Wilde "The picture of Dorian Gray"

78. Stylistic analysis of the part of the novel "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier

79. The emergence of the first Polish socialist parties

80. The history of English

Уничтожь меня! Уникальный блокнот для творческих людей. Смит К.
Перед вами оригинальный блокнот, созданный замечательной художницей Кери Смит! На страницах блокнота вы найдете множество способов
314 руб
Раздел: Блокноты оригинальные, шуточные
Шкатулка для рукоделия, 28x21x15 см, арт. 80888.
Такие шкатулки послужат оригинальным, а главное, практичным подарком, в котором замечательно сочетаются внешний вид и функциональность.
1618 руб
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Солнцезащитное молочко "AQA baby", SPF 30, 150 мл.
Солнцезащитное молочко надежно защищает нежную кожу даже самых маленьких детей от воздействия солнечных лучей. Молочко легко наносится и
352 руб
Раздел: Солнцезащитная косметика

81. The history of grammatical study of the English language

82. The Infinitive Constructions and The Ways of Their Using

83. The marking of the Russian Revolution

84. The origins of the International Socialists

85. The philosophy should meet the challenge of the new millennium

86. The problem of violence
The problem of violence
87. The Science Of Grammar
The Science Of Grammar
88. The system of English verbs
The system of English verbs

89. Tourism in Brazil

90. Historical measurement of the science of governing

91. The Architecture of Ancient Rome

92. Ghandi and the myth of non-violent action

93. The Radicalism of the American Revolution

94. The Killing of Percy Casserley

95. Quantification of osteocyte lacunar density and anisotropy of vascular canals in compact bone

96. The Clash of Civilizations

Кухня для кукольного домика "Конфетти".
Кухня для кукольного домика состоит из: плиты с раковиной в сборе; холодильника; подставки стола в сборе; стойки стула в сборе, сиденья
886 руб
Раздел: Кухни, столовые
Стержни шариковые "Left Right", 10 штук, 0,3 мм, синие.
Цвет чернил: синий. Ширина линии письма: 0,3 мм. В наборе: 10 штук.
528 руб
Раздел: Стержни для ручек
Щетка-сметка автомобильная для снега, телескопическая, поворотная, со скребком и водосгоном, 980-1450.
Щетка автомобильная для снега со скребком и водосгоном предназначена для очистки кузова и стекол автомобиля от снега и льда, а также для
500 руб
Раздел: Автомобильные щетки, скребки

97. Basic perspectives and schools of developing sociology in the XX century

98. History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english

99. Redesigning the Dragon Financial Reform in the Peoples Republic of China

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Вы можете поискать нужную Вам работу в КОЛЛЕКЦИИ ГОТОВЫХ РЕФЕРАТОВ, КУРСОВЫХ И ДИПЛОМНЫХ РАБОТ, выполненных преподавателями московских ВУЗов за период более чем 10-летней работы. Эти работы Вы можете бесплатно СКАЧАТЬ.