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Free word groups. Phraseological units

Ручка "Помада".
Шариковая ручка в виде тюбика помады. Расцветка корпуса в ассортименте, без возможности выбора!
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Совок большой.
Длина 21,5 см. Расцветка в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
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Ночник-проектор "Звездное небо и планеты", фиолетовый.
Оригинальный светильник - ночник - проектор. Корпус поворачивается от руки. Источник света: 1) Лампочка (от карманных фонариков) 2) Три
330 руб
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Free word groups a d phraseological u i s A word-group is he larges wo-face lexical u i comprisi g more ha o e word bu expressi g o e global co cep . he lexical mea i g of he word groups is he combi ed lexical mea i g of he compo e words. he mea i g of he word groups is mo iva ed by he mea i gs of he compo e members a d is suppor ed by he s ruc ural pa er . Bu i ’s o a mere sum o al of all hese mea i gs! Polysema ic words are used i word groups o ly i 1 of heir mea i gs. hese mea i gs of he compo e words i such word groups are mu ually i erdepe de a d i separable (bli d ma – «a huma bei g u able o see», bli d ype – « he copy is ’ readable). Word groups possess o o ly he lexical mea i g, bu also he mea i g co veyed mai ly by he pa er of arra geme of heir co s i ue s. he s ruc ural pa er of word groups is he carrier of a cer ai sema ic compo e o ecessarily depe de o he ac ual lexical mea i g of i s members (school grammar – «grammar which is augh i school», grammar school – «a ype of school»). We have o dis i guish be wee he s ruc ural mea i g of a give ype of word groups as such a d he lexical mea i g of i s co s i ue s. I is of e argued ha he mea i g of word groups is also depe de o some ex ra-li guis ic fac ors – o he si ua io i which word groups are habi ually used by a ive speakers. Words pu oge her o form lexical u i s make phrases or word-groups. O e mus recall ha lexicology deals wi h words, word-formi g morphemes a d word-groups. he degree of s ruc ural a d sema ic cohesio of word-groups may vary. Some word-groups, e.g. a leas , poi of view, by mea s, o ake place, e c. seem o be fu c io ally a d sema ically i separable. hey are usually described as se phrases, word-equivale s or phraseological u i s a d are s udied by he bra ch of lexicology which is k ow as phraseology. I o her word-groups such as o ake lesso s, ki d o people, a week ago, he compo e -members seem o possess grea er sema ic a d s ruc ural i depe de ce. Word-groups of his ype are defi ed as free word-groups or phrases a d are s udied i sy ax. Before discussi g phraseology i is ecessary o ou li e he fea ures commo o various word-groups irrespec ive of he degree of s ruc ural a d sema ic cohesio of he compo e -words. here are wo fac ors which are impor a i u i i g words i o word-groups: –  he lexical vale cy of words; –  he gramma ical vale cy of words. Lexical vale cy Words are used i cer ai lexical co ex s, i.e. i combi a io s wi h o her words. E.g. he ou ques io is of e combi ed wi h such adjec ives as vi al, pressi g, urge , delica e, e c. he ap ess of a word o appear i various combi a io s is described as i s lexical vale cy. he ra ge of he lexical vale cy of words is delimi ed by he i er s ruc ure of he E glish words. hus, o raise a d o lif are sy o yms, bu o ly he former is colloca ed wi h he ou ques io . he verbs o ake, o ca ch, o seize, o grasp are sy o yms, bu hey are fou d i differe colloca io s: o ake – exams, measures, precau io s, e c.; o grasp – he ru h, he mea i g. Words habi ually colloca ed i speech e d o form a cliche.

he lexical vale cy of correla ed words i differe la guages is o ide ical, because as i was said before, i depe ds o he i er s ruc ure of he vocabulary of he la guage. Bo h he E glish flower a d he Russia цветок may be combi ed wi h a umber of similar words, e.g. garde flowers, ho house flowers (cf. he Russia – садовые цветы, оранжерейные цветы), bu i E glish flower ca o be combi ed wi h he word room, while i Russia we say комнатные цветы (i E glish we say po -flowers). Words are also used i gramma ical co ex s. he mi imal gramma ical co ex i which he words are used o form word-groups is usually described as he pa er of he word-group. E.g., he adjec ive heavy ca be followed by a ou (A ) – heavy food, heavy s orm, heavy box, heavy ea er. Bu we ca o say «heavy cheese» or «heavy o lif , o carry», e c. he ap ess of a word o appear i specific gramma ical (or ra her sy ac ical) s ruc ures is ermed gramma ical vale cy. he gramma ical vale cy of words may be differe . he gramma ical vale cy is delimi ed by he par of speech he word belo gs o. E.g., o E glish adjec ive ca be followed by he fi i e form of a verb. he , he gramma ical vale cy is also delimi ed by he i er s ruc ure of he la guage. E.g., o sugges , o propose are sy o yms. Bo h ca be followed by a ou , bu o ly o propose ca be followed by he i fi i ive of a verb – o propose o do some hi g. Clever a d i ellige have he same gramma ical vale cy, bu o ly clever ca be used i word-groups havi g he pa er A prep – clever a ma hs. S ruc urally word-groups ca be co sidered i differe ways. Word-groups may be described as for he order a d arra geme of he compo e -members. E.g., he word-group o read a book ca be classified as a verbal- omi al group, o look a smb. – as a verbal-preposi io al- omi al group, e c. By he cri erio of dis ribu io all word-groups may be divided i o wo big classes: accordi g o heir head-words a d accordi g o heir sy ac ical pa er s. Word-groups may be classified accordi g o heir head-words i o: omi al groups – red flower; adjec ive groups – ki d o people; verbal groups – o speak well. he head is o ecessarily he compo e ha occurs firs . Word-groups are classified accordi g o heir sy ac ical pa er i o predica ive a d o -predica ive groups. Such word-groups as he we , Bob walks ha have a sy ac ic s ruc ure similar o ha of a se e ce are ermed as predica ive, all o hers are o -predica ive o es. o -predica ive word-groups are divided i o subordi a ive a d coordi a ive depe di g o he ype of sy ac ic rela io s be wee he compo e s. E.g., a red flower, a ma of freedom are subordi a ive o -predica ive word-groups, red a d freedom bei g depe de words, while day a d igh , do a d die are coordi a ive o -predica ive word-groups. he lexical mea i g of a word-group may be defi ed as he combi ed lexical mea i g of he compo e members. Bu i should be poi ed ou , however, ha he erm «combi ed lexical mea i g» does o imply ha he mea i g of he word-group is always a simple addi ive resul of all he lexical mea i gs of he compo e words. As a rule, he mea i gs of he compo e words are mu ually depe de a d he mea i g of he word-group a urally predomi a es over he lexical mea i g of he compo e s.

he i erdepe de ce is well see i word-groups made up of polysema ic words. E.g., i he phrases he bli d ma , he bli d ype he word bli d has differe mea i gs – u able o see a d vague. So we see ha polysema ic words are used i word-groups o ly i o e of heir mea i gs. he erm mo iva io is used o de o e he rela io ship exis i g be wee he pho emic or morphemic composi io a d s ruc ural pa er of he word o he o e ha d a d i s mea i g o he o her. here are hree mai ypes of mo iva io : 1) pho e ical 2) morphological 3) sema ic 1. Pho e ical mo iva io is used whe here is a cer ai similari y be wee he sou ds ha make up he word. For example: buzz, cuckoo, gigle. he sou ds of a word are imi a ive of sou ds i a ure, or sm h ha produces a charac eris ic sou d. his ype of mo iva io is de ermi ed by he pho ological sys em of each la guage. 2. Morphological mo iva io – he rela io ship be wee morphemic s ruc ure a d mea i g. he mai cri erio i morphological mo iva io is he rela io ship be wee morphemes. O e-morphemed words are o -mo iva ed. Ex – mea s «former» whe we alk abou huma s ex-wife, ex-preside . Re – mea s «agai »: rebuild, rewri e. I borowed words mo iva io is faded: «expec , expor , recover (ge be er)». Morphological mo iva io is especially obvious i ewly coi ed words, or i he words crea ed i his ce ury. I older words mo iva io is es ablished e ymologically. he s ruc ure-pa er of he word is very impor a oo: «fi ger-ri g» a d «ri g-fi ger». hough combi ed lexical mea i g is he same. he differe ce of mea i g ca be explai ed by he arra geme of he compo e s. Morphological mo iva io has some irregulari ies: «smoker» – si o « he o e who smokes», i is «a railway car i which passe ger may smoke». he degree of mo iva io ca be differe : «e dless» is comple ely mo iva ed «cra berry» is par ially mo iva ed: morpheme «cra -» has o lexical mea i g. 3. Sema ic mo iva io is based o he co-exis e ce of direc a d figura ive mea i gs of he same word wi hi he same sy chro ous sys em. «Mou h» de o es a par of he huma face a d a he same ime i ca be applied o a y ope i g: « he mou h of a river». «Ermi e» is o o ly he a me of a small a imal, bu also a fur. I heir direc mea i g «mou h» a d «ermi e» are o mo iva ed. I compou d words i is morphological mo iva io whe he mea i g of he whole word is based o direc mea i gs of i s compo e s a d sema ic mo iva io is whe combi a io of compo e s is used figura ively. For example «headache» is «pai i he head» (morphological) a d «sm h. a oyi g» (sema ic). Whe he co ec io be wee he mea i g of he word a d i s form is co ve io al ( here is o percep ible reaso for he word havi g his pho emic a d morphemic composi io ) he word is o -mo iva ed (for he prese s a e of la guage developme ). Words ha seem o -mo iva ed ow may have los heir mo iva io : «ear » is derived from «ear ia – o harves », bu ow his word is o -mo iva ed. As o compou ds, heir mo iva io is morphological if he mea i g of he whole is based o he direc mea i g of he compo e s, a d sema ic if he combi a io is used figura ively: wa chdog – a dog kep for wa chi g proper y (morphologically mo iva ed); – a wa chful huma guardia (sema ically mo iva ed).

Unfortunately, when the first component of all path names is the server, the system cannot move the file to the other server automatically, even if dir1 and dir2 exist on both servers. The problem is that moving the file automatically changes its path name from /server1/dir1/dir2/x to /server2/dir1/dir2/x. Programs that have the former string built into them will cease to work if the path changes. A system in which files can be moved without their names changing is said to have location independence. A distributed system that embeds machine or server names in path names clearly is not location independent. One based on remote mounting is not either, since it is not possible to move a file from one file group (the unit of mounting) to another and still be able to use the old path name. Location independence is not easy to achieve, but it is a desirable property to have in a distributed system. To summarize what we have said earlier, there are three common approaches to file and directory naming in a distributed system: 1. Machine + path naming, such as /machine/path or machine:path. 2. Mounting remote file systems onto the local file hierarchy. 3. A single name space that looks the same on all machines

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Звуковой плакат "Учимся читать - читаем по слогам".
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Глобус политический диаметром 320 мм, с подсветкой.
Диаметр: 320 мм. Масштаб: 1:40000000. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: черный. Мощность: 220 V, переключатель на шнуре; может
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Крикет "Зоопарк".
Комплект: 4 фигуры, 2 биты, 2 шарика. Длина молоточка: 42,5 см. Возраст: от 3 лет.
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Сменный фильтр "Аквафор В-100-6" (2 штуки).
B100-6 — универсальный сменный модуль для фильтров-кувшинов Аквафор. Надежно очищает воду от основных вредных примесей и эффективно ее
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Лоток (сортер), 4 отделения, вертикальный, сборный.
- предназначен для сортировки и временного хранения документов различных размеров, писем, счетов и другой документации - устойчивый на
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Ручки гелевые "Пчелка", 30 цветов.
Набор гелевых ручек. Количество цветов: 30 (4 классических, 6 пастельных, 5 смешанных, 6 неоновых, 10 блестящих). Прочный пластиковый
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