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Медицина Медицина

The practice of modern medicine

Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
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Фонарь желаний бумажный, оранжевый.
В комплекте: фонарик, горелка. Оформление упаковки - 100% полностью на русском языке. Форма купола "перевёрнутая груша" как у
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Чашка "Неваляшка".
Ваши дети во время приёма пищи вечно проливают что-то на ковёр и пол, пачкают руки, а Вы потом тратите уйму времени на выведение пятен с
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Co e s: 1. Heal h care a d i s delivery 2. ORGA IZA IO OF HEAL H SERVICES 3. Levels of heal h care. 4. Cos s of heal h care. 5. ADMI IS RA IO OF PRIMARY HEAL H CARE 6. MEDICAL PRAC ICE I . DEVELOPED COU RIES 7. Bri ai . 8. U i ed S ales. 9. Russia. 10. Japa . 11. O her developed cou ries. 12. MEDICAL PRAC ICE I DEVELOPI G COU RIES 13. Chi a 14. I dia. 15. AL ER A IVE OR COMPLEME ARY MEDICI E 16. SPECIAL PRAC ICES A D FIELDS OF MEDICI E 17. Special ies i medici e. 18. eachi g. 19. I dus rial medici e. 20. Family heal h care. 21. Geria rics. 22. Public heal h prac ice. 23. Mili ary prac ice. 24. CLI ICAL RESEARCH 25. His orical o es. 26. Cli ical observa io . 27. Drug research. 28. Surgery. 29. SCREE I G PROCEDURES HE PRAC ICE OF MODER MEDICI E Heal h care a d i s delivery he World Heal h Orga iza io a i s 1978 i er a io al, co fere ce held i he Sovie U io produced he Alma-A a Heal h Declara io , which was desig ed o serve gover me s as a basis for pla i g heal h care ha would reach people a all levels of socie y. he declara io reaffirmed ha "heal h, which is a s a e of comple e physical, me al a d social well- bei g, a d o merely he abse ce of disease or i firmi y, is a fu dame al huma ri . l a d ha he a ai me of he highes possible level of heal h is a mos impor a world-wide social goal whose realiza io requires he ac io of ma y o her social a d eco omic sec ors i addi io o he heal h sec or." I i s wides form he prac ice of medici e, ha is o say he promo io a d care of heal h, is co cer ed wi h his ideal.ORGA IZA IO OF HEAL H SERVICES "I is ge erally he goal of mos cou ries o have heir heal h services orga ized i such a way o e sure ha i dividuals, families, a d commu i ies ob ai he maximum be efi from curre k owledge a d ech ology available for he promo io , mai e a ce, a d res ora io of heal h. I order o play heir par i his process, gover me s a d o her age cies are faced wi h umerous asks, i cludi g he followi g: (1) hey mus ob ai as much i forma io as is possible o he size, ex e , a d urge cy of heir eeds; wi hou accura e i forma io , pla i g ca be misdirec ed. (2) hese eeds mus he be revised agai s he resources likely o be available i erms of mo ey, ma power, a d ma erials; developi g cou ries may well require ex er al aid o suppleme heir ow resources. (3) Based o heir assessme s, cou ries he eed o de ermi e realis ic objec ives a d draw up pla s. (4) Fi ally, a process of evalua io eeds o be buil i o he program; he lack of reliable i forma io a d accura e assessme ca lead o co fusio , was e, a d i efficie cy. Heal h services of a y a ure reflec a umber "I i errela ed charac eris ics, amo g which he mos obvious bu o ecessarily he mos impor a from a a io al poi of view, is he cura ive fu c io ; ha is o say cari g for hose already ill. O hers i clude special services ha deal wi h par icular groups (such as childre or preg a wome ) a d wi h specific eeds such as u ri io or immu iza io ; preve ive services, he pro ec io of he heal h bo h of i dividuals a d of commu i ies; heal h educa io ; a d, as me io ed above, he collec io a d a alysis of i forma io .

Levels of heal h care. I he cura ive domai here are various forms оf medical prac ice. hey may be hough of ge erally as formi g a pyramidal s ruc ure, wi h hree iers represe i g i creasi g degrees of specializa io a d ech ical sophis ica io bu ca eri g o dimi ishi g umbers of pa ie s as hey are fil ered ou of he sys em a a lower level. O ly hose pa ie s who require special a e io or rea me should reach he seco d (advisory) or hird (specialized rea me ) iers where he cos per i em of service becomes i creasi gly higher. he firs level represe s primary heal h care, or firs co ac care, or which pa ie s have heir i i ial co ac wi h he heal h-care sys em. Primary heal h care is a i egral par of a cou ry's heal h mai e a ce sys em, of which i forms he larges a d mos impor a par . As described i he declara io of Alma-A a, primary heal h care should be "based o prac ical scie ifically sou d a d socially accep able me hods a d ech ology made u iversally accessible o i dividuals i he commu i y hrough heir full par icipa io a d a a cos ha he commu i y a d cou ry ca afford o mai ai a every s age of he developme ." Primary heal h care i he developed cou ries is usually he provi ce of a medically qualified physicia ; i he developi g cou ries firs co ac care is of e provided by o medically qualified perso el. he vas majori y of pa ie s ca be fully deal wi h a he primary level. hose who ca o are referred o he seco d ier (seco dary heal h care, or he referral services) for he opi io of a co sul a wi h specialized k owledge or for X-ray exami a io s a d special es s. Seco dary heal h care of e requires he ech ology offered by a local or regio al hospi al. I creasi gly, however, he radiological a d labora ory services provided by hospi als are available direc ly o he family doc or, hus improvi g his service o pali gs a d i creasi g i s ra ge. he hird ier of heal h care employi g specialis services, is offered by i s i u io s such as leachi g hospi als a d u i s devo ed o he care of par icular groups—wome , childre , pa ie s wi h me al disorders, a d so o . he drama ic differe ces i he cos of rea me a he various levels is a ma er of par icular impor a ce i developi g cou ries, where he cos of rea me for pa ie s a he primary heal h-care level is usually o ly a small frac io of ha a he hird level- medical cos s a a y level i such cou ries, however, are usually bor e by he gover me . Ideally, provisio of heal h care a all levels will be available o all pa ie s; such heal h care may be said o be u iversal. he well-off, bo h i rela ively weal hy i dus rialized cou ries a d i he poorer developi g world, may be able o ge medical a e io from sources hey prefer a d ca pay for i he priva e sec or. he vas majori y of people i mos cou ries, however, are depe de i various ways upo heal h services provided by he s a e, o which hey may co ribu e compara ively li le or, i he case of poor cou ries, o hi g a all. Cos s of heal h care. he cos s o a io al eco omics of providi g heal h care are co siderable a d have bee growi g a a rapidly i creasi g ra e, especially i cou ries such as he U i ed S a es, Germa y, a d Swede ; he rise i Bri ai has bee less rapid.

his re d has bee he cause of major co cer s i bo h developed a d developi g cou ries. Some of his co cer is based upo he lack of a y co sis e evide ce o show ha more spe di g o heal h care produces be er heal h. here is a moveme i developi g cou ries o replace he ype of orga iza io of heal h-care services ha evolved duri g Europea colo ial imes wi h some less expe sive, a d for hem, more appropria e, heal h-care sys em. I he i dus rialized world he growi g cos of heal h services has caused bo h priva e a d public heal h-care delivery sys ems o ques io curre policies a d o seek more eco omical me hods of achievi g heir goals. Despi e expe di ures, heal h services are o always used effec ively by hose who eed hem, a d resul s ca vary widely from commu i y o commu i y. I Bri ai , for example, be wee 1951 a d 1971 he dea h ra e fell by 24 perce i he weal hier sec io s of he popula io bu by o ly half ha i he mos u derprivileged sec io s of socie y. he achieveme of good heal h is relia upo more ha jus he quali y of heal h care. Heal h e ails such fac ors as good educa io , safe worki g co di io s, a favourable e viro me , ame i ies i he home, well-i egra ed social services, a d reaso able s a dards of livi g. I he developi g cou ries. he developi g cou ries differ from o e a o her cul urally, socially, a d eco omically, bu wha hey have i commo is a low average i come per perso , wi h large perce ages of heir popula io s livi g a or below he pover y level. Al hough mos have a small eli e class, livi g mai ly i he ci ies, he larges par of heir popula io s live i rural areas. Urba regio s i developi g a d some developed cou ries i he mid- a d la e 20 h ce ury have developed pocke s of slums, which are growi g because of a i flux of rural peoples. For lack of eve he simples measures, vas umbers of urba a d rural poor die each year of preve able a d curable diseases, of e associa ed wi h poor hygie e a d sa i a io , impure wa er supplies, mal u ri io , vi ami deficie cies, a d chro ic preve able i fec io s. he effec of hese a d o her depriva io s is reflec ed by he fi di g ha i he 1980s he life expec a cy a bir h for me a d wome was abou o e- hird less i Africa ha i was i Europe; similarly, i fa mor ali y i Africa was abou eigh imes grea er ha i Europe. he ex e sio of primary heal h- care services is herefore a high priori y i he developi g cou ries. he developi g cou ries hemselves, lacki g he proper resources, have of e bee u able o ge era e or impleme he pla s ecessary o provide required services a he village or urba poor level. I has, however, become clear ha he sys em of heal h care ha is appropria e for o e cou ry is of e u sui able for a o her. Research has es ablished ha effec ive heal h care is rela ed o he special circums a ces of he i dividual cou ry, i s people, cul ure, ideology, a d eco omic a d a ural resources. he risi g cos s of providi g heal h care have i flue ced a re d, especially amo g he developi g a io s o promo e services ha employ less highly rai ed primary heal h-care perso el who ca be dis ribu ed more widely i order o reach he larges possible propor io of he commu i y.

Never before has this web, its personnel and methods, been revealed in such a detailed and devastating manner. Imported from England. Not available locally. 518p. OTHER WORKS: Naked Empress or The Great Medical Fraud World Without Cancer The Politics of Cancer Therapy Murder By Injection: The Medical Conspiracy Against America Animal Experimentation: The Hidden Cause of Environmental Pollution Science on Trial: The Human Cost of Animal Experiments The Controlled Clinical Trial Corporate Crime in the Pharmaceutical Industry Poisonous Prescriptions Vaccination: 100 Years of Orthodox Research Shows that Vaccines Represent a Medical Assault on the Immune System Pasteur Exposed: The False Foundations of Modern Medicine The Cot Death Cover-Up? The Medical Mafia: How to Get Out of it Alive and Take Back Our Health and Wealth More reviews ... Naked Empress or The Great Medical Fraud by Hans Ruesch Following up his sensational SLAUGHTER OF THE INNOCENT, this new exposй of Hans Ruesch shows how with the help of press agentry and the venality of most of the mass media the public has been brainwashed into equating MEDICAL CARE with HEALTH, whereas in fact exactly the opposite applies: modern medicine has become the principal cause of disease today. So in one year 1.5 million Americans had to be hospitalised as a consequence of the intake of drugs that were supposed to "cure" them of one thing or other

1. The conflicts of the modern world. A competitive society

2. The history of smart-cards and their place in modern Russia

3. The effect of light intensity on the amount of chlorophyll in “Cicer arietinum”

4. The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.

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6. On the problem of crystal metallic lattice in the densest packings of chemical elements
On the problem of crystal metallic lattice in the densest packings of chemical elements
7. Alaska’s Wildlife: on the Verge of Extinction (Живая природа Штата Аляска на грани исчезновения)
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Motivation: Reward system and the role of compensation

9. The Impact of the Afghan War on soviet soldiers

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Настольная игра "Выдерни морковку".
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17. The Queen of the UK

18. “The Role of Smallpox Vaccination in Mortality Decline in the Great Britain through Eradicating the Disease between XVIII-XX centuries – Facts or a Political Arithmetick?”

19. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

20. The role of art in our life

21. Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov: on the brink of suicide. Ф.М. Достоевский, Преступление и наказание

22. The History of Alaska (история Аляски)
23. Alaska’s Wildlife: on the Verge of Extinction (Живая природа Штата Аляска на грани исчезновения)
24. Преп. Максим исповедник о бесконечности человека (st. Maximus the confessor on the infinity of man)

25. Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry

26. The profile of an effective manager

27. The history of England can be defined as the gradual process of Parliament asserting its authority over the monarchy

28. The Taming of the Shrew


30. The City of London and its role as a financial centre

31. London - the capital of Great Britain

32. Review of Bill Gates’s book ”Business @ the Speed of Thought”

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33. The uniqueness of the British

34. The faculty of mathematics of Irkutsk State University

35. The library of our institute

36. The lesson of English

37. Model of the nucleus of atom and the table of elements

38. Has the EU reached the limits of integration?
Has the EU reached the limits of integration?
39. Washington is the capital of the USA
Washington is the capital of the USA
40. The pride of the nation
The pride of the nation

41. The constitution of Ukraine

42. The history of Christmas

43. Bosch, Hieronymus: The Temptation of St Anthony

44. The development of computers in ukraine and the former USSR

45. The Algorithm of a Start and the Development of International Conflicts and Possible Ways of Their Solution

46. The House of Yorks

47. The declaration of independence

48. The system of english tenses

Деревянная игрушка "Набор для обучения".
Отличная игрушка для малыша. Способствует развитию мелкой моторики, логического мышления, координации движений.
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Набор фломастеров (6 цветов).
Набор фломастеров для декорирования различных поверхностей. Яркие цвета. Проветриваемый и защищенный от деформации колпачок. Помогают
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49. The Future of American Youths

50. The making of the collection

51. For the Beauty of the Earth

52. The Grapes of Wrath

53. The Concept of Youth Subcultures

54. The development of the Tower
The development of the Tower
55. The development of the drama. The theatres and actors
The development of the drama. The theatres and actors
56. The Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions
The Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions

57. The art of conversation

58. Economy of the Republic of Ireland


60. Islam in the eyes of the West

61. The production of 2H-labeled amino acids by a new mutant of RuMP fucultative methylotroph Вrevibacterium methylicum

62. Сборник диалогов по английскому языку для развития устной речи старшеклассников (The collection of dialogues on English language)

63. Examples of modern determinations of culture

64. Multiple Intelligences in the structure of a new English syllabus for secondary school

Чайник "Birds", 1050 мл.
Чайник. Размер: 21,5x12x17 см. Объем: 1050 мл. Материал: керамика.
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Кухня для кукольного домика "Конфетти".
Кухня для кукольного домика состоит из: плиты с раковиной в сборе; холодильника; подставки стола в сборе; стойки стула в сборе, сиденья
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Стержни шариковые "Left Right", 10 штук, 0,3 мм, синие.
Цвет чернил: синий. Ширина линии письма: 0,3 мм. В наборе: 10 штук.
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65. Stylistic analysis of the part of the novel "Rebecca" by Daphne Du Maurier

66. The development of sustainable tourism in Turkey

67. The explaining of the meaning of neologism

68. The history of Germany and tourism

69. The history of grammatical study of the English language

70. The Infinitive Constructions and The Ways of Their Using
The Infinitive Constructions and The Ways of Their Using
71. The marking of the Russian Revolution
The marking of the Russian Revolution
72. The origins of the International Socialists
The origins of the International Socialists

73. The Participation of American and British Youth in Political Life of Their Countries.

74. The place of “Macbeth” among Shakespeare’s tragedies

75. The problems of oral translation

76. The Science Of Grammar

77. The system of English verbs

78. What strategy are most effective in the conditions of globalization

79. Stylistic phonetics based on the examples of the works by P.B. Shelley

80. The unions of artists - "THE BLUE ROSE" AND "THE JACK OF DIAMONDS"

Пакеты фасовочные в пластах, 18(+8)x35 см (1000 штук).
Область применения: расфасовка, упаковка продуктов питания и товаров народного потребления как на производстве, так и в быту. Размер:
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Беговел Tech Team "Big 10", цвет: серый (2018 г).
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81. Ghandi and the myth of non-violent action

82. The impact of the French Revolution on the European system

83. Great Britain: the Land of Traditions

84. The Killing of Percy Casserley

85. The Clash of Civilizations

86. My modern image of the United States
My modern image of the United States
87. The political role of Great Britain in modern world
The political role of Great Britain in modern world
88. The theoretical basis for the international trade. The modern trends of the international trade development
The theoretical basis for the international trade. The modern trends of the international trade development

89. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

90. История Советсткого флота (History of the Soviet fleet)

91. The Adverse Effects of Green Lawns

92. Going public and the dividend policy of the company

93. The fastest computers of the world

94. Three Waves of Alvin Toffler. The Basic Points

95. The New-York City, Places of interest

96. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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Конструктор электронный "Знаток". 320 схем.
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97. History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english

98. The fastest computers of the world

99. Dark side of the monn - Жизнь после смерти

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