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Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
18 руб
Раздел: Совки
Крючки с поводками Mikado SSH Fudo "SB Chinu", №4BN, поводок 0,22 мм.
Качественные Японские крючки с лопаткой. Крючки с поводками – готовы к ловле. Высшего качества, исключительно острые японские крючки,
58 руб
Раздел: Размер от №1 до №10
Мыло металлическое "Ликвидатор".
Мыло для рук «Ликвидатор» уничтожает стойкие и трудно выводимые запахи за счёт особой реакции металла с вызывающими их элементами.
197 руб
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I roduc io .O e of he mai differe ces of he I er e from all res , ha is co ec ed o compu ers, is ha for successful work wi h i (him), ge erally speaki g, i is o ecessary of a y books. I er e ca serve bo h direc ory, a d u orial, a d e cyclopedia i self. However o he i i ial s age, as i seems, he adva age(be efi ) of he book, dis i c ly a d is accessible of a s a i g basis, ca be ra her sig ifica . Such book I also have ried o wri e. Bu before you will ge acquai ed o i (her) more close, le 's ry o a swer o he mos impor a ques io , which, probably, you already se o yourselves: he I er e : ha i , a las , such More or less scie ific defi i io of he I er e , which he books a d clauses o his subjec are filled, cer ai ly wi h, have he value. Bu he mos simple expla a io suffices for our purposes while: he I er e is a se of compu ers co ec ed wi h each o her by cha els of commu ica io (co ec io ), plus a se of s a dard rules, o which hey excha ge by he i forma io . hus cha els of commu ica io (co ec io ), perhaps, eve are less impor a , ha rule of da a ra sfer o hem, amed i he I er e by he pro ocols. If eve wo compu ers coopera e o o e of such pro ocols is already prese I er e . he i ve io a d he perfec io of modems - special devices allowi g he compu er o se d he i forma io o he pho e, - has ope ed doors i he I er e o huge qua i y(amou ) of he people, a which is o prese . A y special e work equipme , a d here is o ly perso al compu er a d elepho e socke earby. Bo h I er e , a d he modems for perso al compu ers exis already ra her lo g. However o ly a all for a lo g ime - abou 1990 - he I er e has yped(collec ed), a las cri ical weigh of he users a d resources ecessary for e work revolu io , occurri g o our eyes. he high-speed modems allowi g he usual users of perso al compu ers wi hou res ric io s o e joy by all boo s of he I er e , have appeared eve la er. A d he sys em World Wide Web (WWW, or &quo ;«World wide web&quo ;), i ve ed i 1993 a d former firs ly o ly by o e of ma y compo e s of a e work, has borrowed(occupied) a leadi g posi io a d bega o defi e(de ermi e) he perso of he I er e li erally i las years - wo. By a d large, he world I er e boom ow i he hea - a d very much was lucky(carried) o you, ha you were o la e almos o he begi i g of performa ce. he I er e is, firs of all huge se of compu ers a d programs. Amo g las you will fi d o o ly such, which are able well o decide(solve) your co cre e asks, bu also is grea er such, whose abili ies i will be firs ly complex(firs ly difficul ) eve o prese o you, probably. he I er e co ec io gives you a u ique oppor u i y, wha imperfec was your compu er o have a look per he we y firs ce ury a d i depe de ly o accus om wi h such co cep s, as « world cyber – social », « vir ual mo ey », « i forma io e viro me (Wed esday) habi a io ». I em, - word, wi h all of subjec s, abou wha so love o wri e ow jour alis s. However i o ly par of he a swer o a ques io « ha such he I er e ». he I er e oday is o o ly huge qua i y(amou ) of compu ers, bu also he improbable qua i y(amou ) of he people, for which e work is a esse ially ew way of dialogue almos o havi g of a alogues i he ma erial world.

he ma - esse ce social, a d dialogue wi h i self similar - o e of his(i s) firs eeds(requireme s). Perhaps, ill ow s ill a y ech ical i ve io (shor of he elepho e) does o make such revolu io i his a cie as he world employme (occupa io ) - dialogue of he ma wi h he ma . Cer ai ly, wha exac ly will i eres you i he I er e firs of all - people or compu ers, - depe ds o ly o you. he a cie me aphor of he book as models of world, perhaps, deserves reco sidera io - ow o a role of such model compu er approaches much be er. Whe he speech goes abou millio s compu ers a d heir users all over he world, co ec ed i a u iform e work, he me aphor his already ceases be simply me aphor. ha is why by exaggera io will o ell, ha , leave i he I er e , you do (make) for yourselves accessible he whole world. 1. Basic pro ocols i I er e a d search i hem.I er e co ai s vas qua i y (amou ) of he i forma io , o his i i (him) i is difficul o fi d ha ha is ecessary if o o k ow where o search. he place of a prese ce(fi di g) (or address) each resource defi es(de ermi es) i (him) URL. I URL he ype of he pro ocol i dica i g o wha server co ai s he access is carried ou : o WWW (o which specifies recordi g: h p), Gopher, f p, el e , or WAIS, i depe ds o ha wha ype of he i forma io you will ra sfer. he e work pro ocol - se of he precisely cer ai rules: how o reques , o make ou a d o se d o a e work he give versio of he i forma io el e Millio s compu ers are joi ed(a ached) o a e work I er e a d ma y from hem have i eres i g oppor u i ies. I appears, is qui e feasible o reach hese compu ers o look da abases, available i hem, a d programs. he special program el e allows o ra sform your compu er i o he clie el e for a da a access a d programs i umerous servers el e . For example researcher regularly ca work o several compu ers, which ma agers omi a e o i (him) a special ame a d password. I i self el e - he commu ica io facili y is simple; ei her a y of he ow i erface, or oppor u i ies of search i (he) does o give. Havi g co ac ed he help el e wi h he removed machi e a d havi g e ered i a field of search he e ra ce ame (logi ) a d password (password) you commu ica e wi h his machi e a d programs o fur her o i (her), a d el e cares o ly of mai e a ce of commu ica io (co ec io ) be wee you. Cer ai ly, ma y s orehouses of he i forma io , which were origi ally served by he special programs wi h access o el e ow i is possible o ra sfer( ra sla e) o WWW, ha o seldom a d is do e(made). However here were also such which o former give he services o ly o el e (especially amo g he ca alogues a d i forma io services of libraries). S a dard he li k o el e co ec io wi h some si e I er e (i.e. URL- he address of his co ec io ) looks so: el e : // < he address of he server > F P Prac ically i forma io is s ored(kep ) i he compu er world as files. O his for i self заре I er e he special mea s for a excha ge of files o a e work - e work pro ocol F P (File ra sfer Pro ocol) has appeared. he qua i y(amou ) of files accessible o si es of all world o a o ymous F P is measured i as ro omical figures a d co s a ly grows.

Besides Word Wide Web allows wi hou a y al era io exis i g F P of archives, o supply wi h heir descrip io s of a y degree of de ail a d co ve ie hyper ex i erface. Bu how o lear (fi d ou ) where o address i searches of he ecessary file? Archie. he search o a ame of a file o all a o ymous F P-si es of he world ca be carried ou wi h he help of sys em Archie. She(i ) is developed by he several programmers from u iversi y Magella i Ca ada a d carries ou i dexa io of s a io s F P, showi g files, accessible i everyo e s a io . Archie i forms several millio s files aki g place i more housa d s a io s F P, a d gives a surprisi gly fas way of search of ha place, where i is ecessary o be direc ed for recep io of a file, i eres i g for you. he search i a da abase of he server Archie is made wi h he help of keywords, which i his case represe simply ames of files or fragme s of ames. ow Archie is accessible hrough WWW. I WWW page wi h he form i which he keywords a d op io s of search are specified. hough he ame of a file almos always has a cer ai a i ude(rela io ) o his(i s) co e s, o use Archie for hema ic search of he programs does o cos . his sys em will be useful, if you really k ow a ame of he ecessary file or par of a ame. O he o her ha d if you search for he program, which has he s a dard reduced ame, ha is some probabili y ha his reduc io will be prese a d a a ame of a file, so i is possible o ry o fi d such file wi h he help Archie. he resul s of search represe he lis of F P-si es a d comple e ames of files o hese si es. he ame of a file serves he li k o his file, so he click o a ame will allow a o ce receivi g a file from he give si e. A d domes he address of F P-archive alloca ed by a large greasy fo will ra sfer you o he i i ial ca alogue of file sys em o his archive. Archie he lis i o he lis i o he lis i o he lis i o he recep io . URL-address i dica i g F P-co ec io , owes, as a mi imum o i clude a word “f p” as he lef par a d address of he si e i righ : f p: // < he address of he server >. WAIS Almos all i forma io resources I er e give a oppor u i y of au oma ic search, bu o ly i o e of hem - i sys em WAIS (Wide Area I forma io Server, global i forma io server) - he keyword search, is he basic me hod of access o he i forma io . he sys em WAIS represe s he huge dis ribu ed(alloca ed) da abase, i.e. he separa e par s of his da abase are loca ed o differe e poi s worldwide. he program - clie for work wi h servers WAIS o o ly is able o commu ica e wi h hem u der he special pro ocol, bu also s ores(keeps) he lis of all da abases WAIS wi h heir addresses a d ames, a d some imes a d wi h he brief descrip io s. here i is possible o fi d archives of ews, every possible ca alogues, direc ories, collec io s of scie ific clauses a d abs rac s, i dexes a d much a o her. Prac ically a y i forma io , for which he da abase is he co ve ie form by performa ces which is i eres i g e ough o a wide audie ce, ca be submi ed i WAIS. he da abase WAIS is so grea , ha idle ime of recordi gs - ex remely u promisi g way of access o he i forma io .

Huysmans (1891?) translated by Keene Wallace. Fiction novel of the occult and the black mass in late nineteenth century Paris. _Apocalypse Culture_ collected by Adam Parfey. A shocking work, depicting the worldviews of various "fringe" sects and individuals, ranging from necrophiliacs to ultra-right wing Christians. _Satan's Power: A Deviant Psychotherapy Cult_, by William Simms Bainbridge, U of CA Press, 1978. Контакт-телефон: (095) 541-2369 InterNet: karlskel@usa.net ICQ: 6657848 Fiedo: FckYa! Cегодня мне довелось прочесть ваш с Люкой труд. Скажу прямо: брошюра одна из самых слабых, может быть самая слабая, из того, что я читал.Во-первых, она не интересная, во-вторых, ни эстетически, ни этически мне было неприятно(хотя, возможно, в этом была настоящая цель) её читать, поэтому брошюра вряд ли сможет кого-либо научить некро всё по тем же двум причинам.Кроме этого, частенько в брошюре отсутствует логика между частями, а порой и вообще места неотносящиеся к брошюре.И самый основной момент,который был упущен в брошюре, - памятный разговор Карла с Занной 94 года.Hа этом моё, возможно, несправедливое куление заканчивается. Желаю успех

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Набор строительных деталей для конструктора "Геометрик".
Во время игры ребёнок знакомиться с вариантами расположения строительных форм, учиться различать и называть детали. Используется для
463 руб
Раздел: Блочные конструкторы
Карточная игра "Уно".
Уно – это популярная настольная игра, широко известная по всему миру. В каждом раунде, первым избавляйся от всех карт, набирая очки за
389 руб
Раздел: Колоды карт
Вешалка для одежды напольная ТД-00014, две перекладины, 800x430x1550 мм.
Длина: 80 см. Регулируемая высота: 90-155 см. Ширина: 43 см. Количество перекладин: 2. Максимальная нагрузка: 15 кг. Вешалка напольная
1078 руб
Раздел: Вешалки напольные

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Набор посуды "Смешарики - Друзья", 3 предмета.
Посуда подходит для мытья в посудомоечной машине и использования в микроволновой печи. Яркая посуда с любимыми героями порадует малыша и
472 руб
Раздел: Наборы для кормления
Фигурка "Zabivaka International", 8 штук, 6 см.
Набор из 8 фигурок предназначен для поклонников спорта. Комплект "Волк International" включает в себя игрушки, которые выполнены
538 руб
Раздел: Игрушки, фигурки
Настольная семейная игра "Звонкие колечки".
Эта игра создана для того, чтобы улучшить умственную и зрительную реакцию малышей. Внутри вы найдёте колечки 6 разных цветов и звонок.
362 руб
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Солнцезащитные шторки Spiegelburg "Капитан Шарки. Capt'n Sharky".
В комплекте 2 штуки. Размер: 37x44 см. Материал: полиэстер.
896 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Ручка-стилус шариковая сувенирная "Николай".
Перед Вами готовый подарок в стильной упаковке — шариковая ручка со стилусом. Она имеет прочный металлический корпус, а именная надпись
415 руб
Раздел: Металлические ручки
Глобус "Двойная карта", рельефный, диаметром 320 мм, с подсветкой.
Диаметр: 320 мм. Масштаб: 1:40000000. Материал подставки: пластик. Цвет подставки: черный. Мощность: 220 V, может использоваться в
1290 руб
Раздел: Глобусы

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Поиск Рефератов на сайте za4eti.ru Вы студент, и у Вас нет времени на выполнение письменных работ (рефератов, курсовых и дипломов)? Мы сможем Вам в этом помочь. Возможно, Вам подойдет что-то из ПЕРЕЧНЯ ПРЕДМЕТОВ И ДИСЦИПЛИН, ПО КОТОРЫМ ВЫПОЛНЯЮТСЯ РЕФЕРАТЫ, КУРСОВЫЕ И ДИПЛОМНЫЕ РАБОТЫ. 
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