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The political thinking of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau decisively shaped the western intellectual tradition

√уашь " лассика", 12 цветов.
√уашевые краски изготавливаютс€ на основе натуральных компонентов и высококачестсвенных пигментов с добавлением консервантов, не
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–учка "Ўприц", желта€.
Ќеобычна€ ручка в виде шприца. —остоит из пластикового корпуса с нанесением мерной шкалы. ¬нутри находитс€ жидкость желтого цвета,
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‘онарь желаний бумажный, оранжевый.
¬ комплекте: фонарик, горелка. ќформление упаковки - 100% полностью на русском €зыке. ‘орма купола "перевЄрнута€ груша" как у
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I ellec ual His ory of he wes er civiliza io . Essay o he opic: 4. he poli ical hi ki g of Hobbes, Locke a d Rousseau decisively shaped he wes er i ellec ual radi io . A essay specifyi g wha I co sider he esse ial co ribu io of each of hese hi kers o poli ical philosophy. I mus explai how do hey differ from each o her. “ICEF” Firs course. Kamil Kaibyshev. Group 5. I roduc io he poli ical philosophy is he very impor a par of he philosophy. Perhaps, i has brough he mos o iceable resul s o ou everyday life, he mos famous expla a io s a d basic ideas were i roduced by homas Hobbes, Joh Locke, a d Jea -Jacques Rousseau. hey developed heories o huma ’s evolu io a d how me should gover hemselves . Hobbes, Locke, a d Rousseau were closely co ec ed wi h developi g differi g versio s of he social co rac . Each philosopher agrees ha before me came o gover hemselves, hey all exis ed i a s a e of a ure. hey crea ed a revolu io ary idea of he s a e of a ure, he rejec io of he idea ha he gover me is comi g from he heave s, hey divide he church from he au hori ies. A yway, he heme is seemed i eres i g o me because almos each of us is used o he poli ic. I is o possible do divide o eself from he poli ic. hese philosophers “worked ou pri ciples o which he moder democracy is based”, hey affec ed our life. his cause is o ly e ough o exami e a ques io i de ails. I was basically usi g he Russia la guage ma erial, my ra sla io may cause some i accuracies. I apologize for caused discomfor s. Joh Locke. Each ma , o a a ure is free, a d o hi g ca pu him i submissio of a y erres rial au hori y, excep of his ow co se . Joh Locke “Seco d rea ise o gover me ”Joh Lock described his poli ical issues i his book “Seco d rea ise o Gover me ”. Accordi g o Locke before he appeara ce of he gover me people were livi g i a a ural s a e. here was ’ war “everybody versus everybody”, like Hobbes was represe i g i his works. he i dividuals, were o aski g somebody permissio a d o depe di g o a ybody will, hey freely dispose heir proper y. he equali y domi a es, &quo ; a which a y au hori y a d a y righ are mu ual, obody has more a o her &quo ;. he a ural s a e for Locke is a s a e where people are free o work a d hey are mu ual i depe de be wee each o her. I co ras o Hobbs, Locke hough ha commu i y was co s ruc i g or co s ruc ed before he s a e, he s a e does ’ come o limi social freedom or equali y, bu o guara ee hem. o he gover me rules he a io , he a io rules i self hrough he gover me . o force he laws o work i a a ural s a e, he a ure has give everyo e a oppor u i y o judge viola ed laws a d o impose a pe al y o respassers . However i a a ural s a e here are o i s i u io s, which could impar ially solve dispu es be wee he people , o prove a d carry ou appropria e pu ishme for a aggressor .All his deriva es u cer ai y. o overcome his , o provide execu io of he a ural laws, equali y a d freedom, pro ec io of he perso a d proper y , people decided o form he poli ical commu i y, o fi d ou he s a e.

Bu , he ricky ques io derives he , if here is ’ agreeme be wee people o obey he laws how people ca come o a s a e? here are always people like he a archis s who would ’ like o follow eve he majori y of he ma ki d. Locke emphasizes he mome of he agreeme : &quo ; A y peaceful forma io of he s a e has i he basis he agreeme of he people &quo ;. Accordi g o Locke o ly he majori y of he commu i y ca do his. “ he obliga io o obey o he decisio of he majori y a d o co sider i fi al &quo ;. I hi k such co clusio s describe Locke as a very co emporary a d democra ic hi ker a his ime. A ime whe argui g wi h ki g’s word was mor ally. A o al refusal by he i dividuals of all a ural righ s, belo gi g o hem, a d freedom for he be efi of he s a e ( ha ook place, for example, i he doc ri e of Hobbes) Locke co siders u accep able. he righ o life a d possessio of proper y, freedom a d equali y he ma does o alie a e o a ybody a d a a y circums a ces hese o alie a ed values - fi al borders of au hori y a d ac io of he s a e which are prohibi ed o viola e. I especially would like o specify ha Locke more ha 300 years ago carried ou democra ic pri ciples which live so far. Live, liber y a d es a e Ц his is he co s i u io al basis of he oday’s cou ries. Locke de ied slavery, he was agai s he feudal lords. He speaks abou clear compe i io which is based o mu ual ack owledgeme . I hi k he was ryi g o explai ha busi ess is based o he mu ual rus which is very valuable hi g ow. A Equali y a d a freedom are he mai hi gs i a free marke . A yo e, eve poor or a ma wi h i ellec ual or physical lacks ca o o be excluded from a compe i io , from a free excha ge of he goods a d services. hese hi gs he offered o bri g o life by co s ruc i g a poli ical sys em a d issui g he laws. Joh Locke sugges ed o divide a poli ical power i he bra ches. Every bra ch was supposed o obey he laws. herefore we ge he jural s a e wi h doc ri e of law, a ideal which cou ries are aimi g owards eve ow. he ques io o he s a e form radi io al for he Europea poli ical idea from Aris o le i eres ed Locke as well. As I ca u ders ood Locke could accep a y form of he s a e which has grow from he public co rac a d volu ary agreeme of he people, ha i has a appropria e &quo ; s ruc ure of gover me &quo ;, pro ec i g he a ural righ s a d freedom of he i dividuals a d cari g he ge eral weal. Locke was i cli ed o co sider a co s i u io al mo archy as he mos close a poli ical sys em o be ideal. Locke de ied he Hobbs’s co cep io of absolu ism as opposi e o his views. I co clusio wi h Locke I would like o emphasize ha his ideas have ’ bee leaved i papers. He wro e a co s i u io for a or h Caroli a i 1669, which was approved a d carried i o effec . I hi k i is he mos full co fessio ha a philosopher migh receive. homas Hobbes “ he ma is a wolf for ma .” homas Hobbes Poli ical a d legal doc ri e of he Hobbes are co ai ed i his works: “ he Philosophical begi i g of he doc ri e abou he ci ize &quo ; (1642), &quo ; Levia ha , or Ma er, form a d au hori y of he s a e church a d civil &quo ; (1651).

“ . I a basis of he heory of he s a e a d righ “. Hobbes pu s a cer ai o io abou a a ure of he i dividual. He co siders ha i i ially all people are crea ed equal co cer i g physical a d i ellec ual abili ies a d each of hem has ide ical wi h o hers &quo ; he righ o all&quo ;. However ma also a esse ce is deep egois ic, i flue ced by greed, fear a d ambi io . he co e ders, he e emies surrou d him o ly. &quo ;I co di io s of such war - mea s ac ually do o have a y righ o a y hi g. his dis ress “. Hobbes ames &quo ; a origi al co di io of a sor huma &quo ;. Hobbes u ders a ds a origi al s a e as wha would exis if here were o commo power o execu e a d e force he laws o res rai i dividuals. I his case, he laws of he ju gle would prevail where he war “all versus all” is. People’s desires are greedy. Si ce resources are scarce, huma ki d is a urally compe i ive, all his lead o he i evi able war. his co s a s a e of war is wha Hobbes’ believes o be ma ’s origi al s a e of a ure. Accordi g o Hobbes, ma ca o be rus ed i he s a e of a ure. Limi s a d bou ds are pu o he righ s of he people. Locke u derli es a oppor u i y of huma bea s o divide good a d bad a d cer ai ly, he se se of a proper y is i side everyo e, he differe ce be wee wha is heirs a d wha belo gs o someo e else. Hobbes has bee hi ki g a o her way. I co rary, i a s a e of a ure obody k ows wha is heirs a d wha is belo gs o someo e else, accordi g o Hobbes. Proper y exis s solely by he will of he s a e. He proceeds co s a ly from he o peaceful ideas. Me is o able o divide good a d evil like Locke hi ks. herefore ca o ly live i peace oge her by subjec io o he absolu e power of a commo mas er, he ce here ca be o peace be wee ki gs. Peace be wee s a es is merely war by o her mea s. o e d he era of u cer ai y a d of he fu k bei g killed by your rivals Hobbes se up a s a e. A s a e ca be fou d ei her by he agreeme of he socie y of by he force of he ruler. he idea of dividi g powers of he s a e is comple ely de ied by Hobbes. he absolu e power Ц he o ly possible way of ruli g. he preroga ives sovereig s are i divisible a d are o ra smi ed o a ybody. o divide au hori y of he s a e, mea s, o des roy i , as he divided au hori ies mu ually des roy each o her &quo ;. he au hori y of he sovereig is ac ually his mo opoly o life a d dea h of his people; &quo ; every hi g, wha he Supreme represe a ive has made i rela io o he ci ize u der a y pre ex , ca o be co sidered as i jus ice or lawless ess i ow se se &quo ;. I would like o poi ou his idea, i was proved ha his way is o ally wro g o rule. Fascism, S ali ism a d he decade of Mousalli i bri g so ma y evil, sufferi g a d millio s of vic ims of i s regimes. Moreover, Hobbes u ders a ds ha his approach would be erribly face by people, however he co i ue o persuade. &quo ; I absolu e au hori y here is o hi g burde some, ha he huma es ablishme s ca o exis wi hou some i co ve ie ces. hese i co ve ie ces depe d o he ci ize s, i s ead of from au hori y. ”E courageme of a y sor craf s, as aviga io , agricul ure, fishery, a d all i dus ries showi g dema d for worki g ha ds .&

As a result, it was easier for these countries to embrace democracy by, in effect, adding a new political layer to coexist along with the older Confucian traditions and practices. It will certainly be possible for China to do the same, but the weight of what might be described as Confucian orthodoxy is likely to make it more difficult. [642] In the long run it seems rather unlikely, given the underlying pressures for democracy that exist within increasingly sophisticated, diverse and prosperous societies, that China will be able to resist the process of democratization. The interesting question is what democracy might look like in China. There is a strong tendency in the West to view democracy in terms of a вАШone size fits allвАЩ approach. In fact, the form of democracy varies greatly according to the history, traditions and culture of a society. There is no reason to believe, except on grounds of Eurocentrism, that the very specific conditions that shaped European society (and European-derived nations like the United States), and therefore European democracy, will result in the same kind of democratic structures elsewhere. [643] This is abundantly clear in the case of Japan

1. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

2. The political system of Great Britain

3. The political role of Great Britain in modern world

4. The comparative typology of English, Russian and Uzbek languages

5. Eugene Hlebtsevich and the establishment of free public libraries in Belarus in the early twentieth century in the context of socio-political and cultural processes of the time

6. ѕредставители –енессанса (Representatives of the renaissance and thair contribution to the literature)
7. УThe Role of Smallpox Vaccination in Mortality Decline in the Great Britain through Eradicating the Disease between XVIII-XX centuries Ц Facts or a Political Arithmetick?Ф
8. јпокатастасис и "Ѕлагое молчание" в эсхатологии св. ћаксима исповедника (Apokatastasis and ЂHonorable silenceї in the eschatology of st. Maximus the confessor)

9. Political System of the USA

10. The Comparative Analysis Of The History Of The Computer Science And The Computer Engineering In The USA And Ukraine

11. Incorporation of [2,3,4,5,6-2H5]Phenylalanine, [3,5-2H2]Tyrosine, and [2,4,5,6,7-2H5]Tryptophan into the Bacteriorhodopsin Molecule of Halobacterium halobium

12. The Adverse Effects of Green Lawns

13. Substance abuse: Alcohol Consumption and alcohol dependence among the youth (—оциологическое исследование проблемы алкоголизма среди студентов)

14. The Cinema World. Moden film festivals and film industry and stars

15. The fastest computers of the world

16. The history of England can be defined as the gradual process of Parliament asserting its authority over the monarchy

–анец "Generic. Wild Horse".
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—тержень дл€ роллеров, синие чернила, F.
—тержень дл€ роллера Parker с чернилами синего цвета, толщина линии Ч 0,5 мм, длина стержн€ Ч 112 мм, длина шарика Ч 0,8 мм. ÷вет чернил:
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17. The United States of America

18. The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

19. THE Growing Influence of English Mass Culture

20. The Role of Smallpox Vaccination in Mortality Decline in the Great Britain through Eradicating the Disease

21. The United States of America

22. The main fault of The 70s or the years of Уmight-have-been hopesФ
23. Regional variation of pronunciation in the south-west of England
Regional variation of pronunciation in the south-west of England
24. Description of a person and a place
Description of a person and a place

25. Why the crystal structure of the element is such lattice but not another?

26. The United States of America

27. Acquaintance with geometry as one of the main goals of teaching mathematics to preschool children

28. The basic features of translation informal lexicon

29. The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms

30. The theoretical basis for the international trade. The modern trends of the international trade development

31. The War of the Roses: the Historical Facts of the Tudor Myth (ShakespeareТs Histories)

32. The Tax System of the United States

Ѕагетна€ рама "Sandra" (серебр€ный), 40х50 см.
Ѕагетные рамы предназначены дл€ оформлени€ картин, вышивок и фотографий. ќформленное изделие всегда становитс€ более выразительным и
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—тол детский Little Angel "я расту" (цвет: салатовый).
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Ќабор мебели дл€ кукольной комнаты подойдет дл€ кукол размером до 30 см.  омплектность: коврик большой, коврик, флакон - 2 штуки, пробка к
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33. Of the Polish political parties and organizations in Vilnius (1919 - 1922 gg.)

34. Comparison of the Renaissance and Enlightenment (—равнение –енессанса и ѕросвещени€)

35. Motivation: Reward system and the role of compensation

36. History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english

37. History of `The Beatles` and biographies of members in english

38. ѕереведенна€ на английский лекци€ по теме Money and banking (деньги и банковское дело), the role of banks (роль банков), modern banking (современна€ банковска€ система)
39. Flora and Fauna of the USA
Flora and Fauna of the USA
40. Ecological problems in big cities, particular in Moscow. How can a contradiction between the technological progress and ecology be solved from my point of view?

41. A Brief History of the Internet and Related Networks

42. The Restoration and After: The Tower and the Office of Ordnance

43. The notion of the agreement of the purchase and sale According to art

44. Basic perspectives and schools of developing sociology in the XX century

45. The history of Germany and tourism

46. The Life and Times of Shakespeare

47. The selection and adaptation of the material on the topic "Towns and places"

48. Lectures in Contrastive Lexicology of the English and Ukrainian Languages

Ќабор мисок Mayer & Boch "«емл€ника".
Ќабор эмалированных мисок из 10 предметов: миска (5 штук) + крышка (5 штук). ћатериал: сталь. Ёмалированное покрытие.  рышка:
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ƒневник школьный "Ќаушники на м€тном".
‘ормат: ј5.  оличество листов: 48. ¬нутренний блок: офсет 70 г/м2. “ип креплени€: книжное (прошивка). “вердый переплет из искусственной
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“реугольные цветные карандаши, 24 цвета ( с точилкой ).
ћ€гкие цветные карандаши треугольной формы, 24 цвета в комплекте с точилкой.
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49. Ghandi and the myth of non-violent action

50. The creation and activities of local organizations of the Bund Belarus

51. The manager as a teacher: selected aspects of stimulation of scientsfsc thinking

52. The Tower of London

53. Consequence of building the National Missile Defense

54. The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.
The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.
55. –оль —ћ» в современном мире (The mass media in the life of Society)
56. Jealousy as the cause of internal self-destruction in "Kreutzer Sonata" by Leo Tolstoy (–евность как причина внутреннего самоуничтожени€ в " рейцеровой сонате" Ћьва “олстого)

57. Project of decoding of "The Stermer Effect" (—игналы из космоса, серии Ўтермера)

58. AlaskaТs Wildlife: on the Verge of Extinction (∆ива€ природа Ўтата јл€ска на грани исчезновени€)

59. How telecommunication change the defenition of work /Telework/

60. Rome and the Roman Empire

61. The Castles of England

62. The Impact of the Afghan War on soviet soldiers

63. The Irish and South America

64. The role of art in our life

—менна€ кассета "Ѕарьер 7", дл€ воды с повышенным содержанием железа, дл€ всех типов фильтров "Ѕарьер", 2.
 окосовый активированный уголь очищает от активного хлора, органических загр€знений и т.д. ќбработка активированного угл€ серебром
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ƒневник школьный "–озова€ такса".
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 арандаши полимерные "Elios", 24 цвета.
 арандаши полимерные. ¬ наборе: 24 цвета.
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65. Three Waves of Alvin Toffler. The Basic Points

66. The Economy of Great Britain

67. ќсобенности ведени€ бизнеса в  итае (The peculiarities of marketing strategy development in China)

68. The New-York City, Places of interest

69. Translatioin of Political Literature

70. The profile of an effective manager
The profile of an effective manager
71. The influence of the Great Britain on our daily life
The influence of the Great Britain on our daily life
72. The Queen of the UK
The Queen of the UK

73. The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War

74. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

75. Entertainment outside the home: Pubs and clubs Leisure and sports

76. The role of art in our life

77. Rome and the Roman Empire

78. The History of Alaska (истори€ јл€ски)

79. Allergy Enlightenment: Is Modern Medicine Fighting the Causes of This Ailment? Are Doctors Telling Us Everything?

80. The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War

¬едро-контейнер дл€ мусора, 50 литров, серое, качающа€с€ крышка.
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81. ѕреп. ћаксим исповедник о бесконечности человека (st. Maximus the confessor on the infinity of man)

82. Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry

83. ќсобенности ведени€ бизнеса в  итае (The peculiarities of marketing strategy development in China)

84. ‘инансовые инструменты ("Financial Instruments. Teaching materials of the course")

85. The history of Australia

86. The Taming of the Shrew
The Taming of the Shrew
87. The teaching of Hugo Gratius
The teaching of Hugo Gratius
88. Huey Lewis and the News
Huey Lewis and the News


90. Advantages and disadvantages of TV

91. Government and Politics

92. Customs and traditions of English speaking countries

93. London - the capital of Great Britain

94. Climate and nature of Great Britain

95. Review of Bill GatesТs book ФBusiness @ the Speed of ThoughtФ

96. Culture of the youth

Ќабор столовый детский "јнтошка" (4 предмета).
Ќабор детских столовых приборов: - ложка столова€ -1 шт; - вилка столова€ - 1 шт; - нож столовый - 1 шт; - ложка чайна€ - 1
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97. Sports in Great Britain, the USA and Russia

98. The 8th of March

99. Problems of city and country life

ѕоиск –ефератов на сайте za4eti.ru ¬ы студент, и у ¬ас нет времени на выполнение письменных работ (рефератов, курсовых и дипломов)? ћы сможем ¬ам в этом помочь. ¬озможно, ¬ам подойдет что-то из ѕ≈–≈„Ќя ѕ–≈ƒћ≈“ќ¬ » ƒ»—÷»ѕЋ»Ќ, ѕќ  ќ“ќ–џћ ¬џѕќЋЌяё“—я –≈‘≈–ј“џ,  ”–—ќ¬џ≈ » ƒ»ѕЋќћЌџ≈ –јЅќ“џ. 
¬ы можете поискать нужную ¬ам работу в  ќЋЋ≈ ÷»» √ќ“ќ¬џ’ –≈‘≈–ј“ќ¬,  ”–—ќ¬џ’ » ƒ»ѕЋќћЌџ’ –јЅќ“, выполненных преподавател€ми московских ¬”«ов за период более чем 10-летней работы. Ёти работы ¬ы можете бесплатно — ј„ј“№.