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Mass media

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- Wha is he role of i he life of co emporary socie y? - he role of mass media i he life of he prese socie y is difficul o overes ima e. hey have become a daily a d esse ial ecessi y wi h co emporary me . Mass media repor abou various aspec s of life, form a d affec public opi io . - Wha is implied u der he erm "mass media"? - Mass media comprise press, radio, V a d he I er e . I his or ha form mass media come i o every home. o u ders a d he mea i g of mass media for he people i is ecessary o co sider heir every aspec separa ely. - Wha do you k ow abou he I er e ? - he I er e was crea ed i 1983. Si ce ha ime i has grow beyo d i s largely academic origi i o a i creasi gly commercial a d popular medium. he I er e co ec s ma y compu er e works. I is based o a commo addressi g sys em a d commu ica io s pro ocol called CP/IP ( ra smissio Co rol Pro ocol/I er e Pro ocol). By he mid-1990s he I er e co ec ed millio s of compu ers hroughou he world. Ma y commercial compu er e work a d da a services also provided a leas i direc co ec io o he I er e . he World Wide Web, which e ables simple a d i ui ive aviga io of I er e si es hrough a graphical i erface, expa ded duri g he 1990s o become he mos impor a compo e of he I er e . - Wha ca you say abou he press? - ewspaper are usually issued daily, weekly, or a o her regular imes. hey provide ews, views, fea ures, a d o her i forma io of public i eres a d of e carry adver isi g - Whe did he firs ewspapers appear i E gla d? - ewspapers appeared i ma y Europea cou ries i he 17 h ce ury. he firs E glish pri ed ews book averagi g we y- wo pages was he "Weekly ews". I appeared i Lo do i 1621. By he 1640s he ews book had ake he form of a ewspaper. he firs periodical was he "Lo do Gazelle", a bi weekly cour paper. I s ar ed as he "Oxford Gaze e" i 1665 whe he Ki g a d he cour moved o Oxford because of Lo do plague. - Wha was he firs E glish daily? - he firs E glish daily was " he Daily Coura " (1702-35). I was i 1771 ha Parliame allowed jour alis s he righ o repor i s proceedi gs. he " imes" was fou ded by Joh Wal er i 1785, a d " he Observer" was fou ded i 1791. - Wha role do ewspapers play oday? - ewspapers come ou o provide heir readers wi h fresh ews. oday people have a cha ce o have full i forma io abou poli ical, eco omic a d cul ural eve s i heir ow cou ry a d abroad. - Are Bri ish ewspapers homoge eous? - o, hey are o . I Grea Bri ai here are o official gover me ewspapers. Bri ish ewspapers are proud of heir i dividual s yles. hey ca be classified i o quali y a d popular edi io s. - I wha way do quali y ewspapers differ from he popular o es? - Quali y ewspapers are serious daily issues. hey appeal mai ly o he upper a d middle classes. Popular, abloid ewspapers are smaller i size a d co ai ma y pho ographs. U like quali y ewspapers popular ewspapers are o so serious a d heir s ories e d o be se sa io al. - Wha quali y ewspapers ca you ame? - Quali y ewspapers are: "Fi a cial imes", " he imes", " he Guardia ", " he Daily elegraph". - Wha i forma io do quali y ewspapers co ai ? - "Fi a cial imes" co ai s a comprehe sive coverage of i dus ry, commerce a d public affairs.

" he imes" is he mos famous ewspaper. I represe s he views of he es ablishme a d is well-k ow for i s correspo de ce colum . " he Guardia " gives a wide coverage of ews eve s a d repor s o social issues, he ar s, educa io . " he Daily elegraph" co ai s repor s o a io al a d i er a io al ews, gives a full coveri g of spor s a d o her opics. - Wha are popular ewspapers? - Popular ewspapers are: " he Daily Express", " he Daily Mirror", " he Daily Mail", " he Daily S ar", " he Su ". hey have a a io al daily circula io a d appeal mai ly o he worki g a d middle classes. - Whe did he firs ewspapers appear i America? - I he 17 h ce ury ewspapers, magazi es, alma acs were published i America. he oldes pri i g press i America was se up as early as 1639 a Cambridge, a d i s ac ivi y was ever i errup ed. he firs ewspaper i he U i ed S a es came ou i Bos o i 1690. Bu i was suppressed by he colo ial gover or af er o e issue. he weekly "Bos o ews-le er" bega publica io i 1704. I depe de ewspaper publishi g s ar ed wi h he " ew- E gla d Coura " i 1721. I 1776 o he eve of he Revolu io Bos o had five ewspapers, a d Philadelphia hree. Freedom of he press was achieved he U i ed S a es i 1791 by he Firs Ame dme o he U.S. Co s i u io . - How ca America ewspapers be classified? - I he USA daily ewspapers are of wo ki ds: quali y a d popular. " he Wall S ree Jour al" is a quali y ewspaper. I covers a io al a d i er a io al ews. " he Washi g o Pos " co ai s full coverage of Co gress. - Does a a io al press exis i he USA? - I is a very difficul ques io . O o e ha d i is possible o say ha here is o a io al press i he US. because mos daily papers are dis ribu ed locally. O he o her ha d o e ca say ha here is a a io al US press. I is a very specific press as i comes from he shari g of ews. I mea ha some ewspapers o o ly pri , bu collec a d sell ews, ews fea ures a d pho ographs o o her ewspapers. For example, " he ew York imes", " he Washi g o Pos ", he "Los A geles imes" are he bes ews services of his ki d. - Wha ca you say abou Russia ewspapers? - oday Russia ca be proud of he varie y of ewspapers circula i g hroughou he cou ry. O he ews s alls o e ca fi d ewspapers of all ki ds: a io al a d local, official a d priva e, quali y a d popular, ewspapers issued for childre , ee agers, people of differe re ds, for fa s: spor -fa s, car-fa s, e c. oday here are a lo of local a d professio al ewspapers i Russia. - Is i possible o classify Russia ewspapers i o quali y a d popular? - ow i is almos impossible o classify all he Russia ews papers i o wo big groups: quali y a d popular. I is possible o ame he ewspapers a d he bodies respo sible for he issue of his or ha ewspaper o illus ra e he varie y of he moder Russia press. "Moscovsky Komsomole s" is a social a d poli ical ewspaper of he Russia you h; "Argume s a d Fac s" is a i depe de ewspaper; "Eve i g Moscow" is a i depe de people's ewspaper; " he Red S ar" is he ewspaper of he Defe ce Mi is ry. - Are here a lo of magazi es i Russia oday? - As for he magazi es, oday hey are umerous. hey cover all opics a d i eres s, from pai i g a d archi ec ure o e is, from avia io a d garde i g o compu ers a d li erary cri icism.

- Whe did radio appear? - Radio appeared earlier he V. - Did i ake radio lo g o be a reali y? - Radio firs became a possibili y whe he E glish physicis Michael Faraday demo s ra ed ha a elec rical curre could produce a mag e ic field. I 1864 James Clerk Maxwell, a professor of experime al physics a Cambridge, proved ma hema ically ha hese elec rical dis urba ces could be de ec ed a co siderable dis a ces. Maxwell predic ed ha his elec romag e ic e ergy could move ou ward i waves ravelli g a he speed of ligh . I 1888 Hei rich Her z demo s ra ed ha Maxwell's predic io was rue for ra smissio s over shor dis a ces. I 1901 a I alia physicis amed Guglielr o Marco i received wireless elegraphic messages se from Cor wall o ewfou dla d. I was hailed as a riumph, bu few discer ed i s full mea i g: he bir h of a commu ica io s revolu io . Ra her, i was a o her welcome co ve ie ce. Radio u derwe rapid improveme i he period before World War II. - Has radio los i s impor a ce wi h he appeara ce of V a d he I er e ? - Radio has o los i s impor a ce wi h he appeara ces of V a d he I er e . oday here are a lo of radio s a io s of ma y differe ypes a d so much varie y. alk shows a d music programmes wi h disc jockeys are very popular. - Whe was V i ve ed? - V experime s o crea e a workable elevisio sys em bega i he la e 19 h ce ury by Paul ipkow, a Germa scie is . oday almos every family i he civilized world has a V se . elevisio plays a impor a role i our socie y, o o ly as a e er ai er a d i forma , bu also because of he grip i has o ma y people. elevisio cha els easily go i o people's home aki g i heir ime a d life. - Wha Bri ish a d America radio a d V e works do you k ow? - I he USA he a io al Public Radio e work ( PR) is k ow for i s quali y ews a d discussio programmes. A o her public radio e work, America Public Radio (APR), wi h i s comme ary a d e er ai me programmes is very popular oo. I he USA PBS (Public Broadcas i g Service) wi h i s 280 s a io s is he larges e work. he cable e works such as C carries ews a d ews s ories, SP covers all spor s eve s, a d M V is famous for i s music videos. - Wha do you k ow abou he Bri ish Broadcas i g Corpora io (BBC)? - he Bri ish Broadcas i g Corpora io (BBC) was es ablished i 1936 by he gover me . I provides five radio s a io s. he BBC also ru s hir y seve local radio s a io s, providi g ma erial of local impor a ce. here are seve y i depe de local radio s a io s i Bri ai . hey provide ews, i forma io , music, coverage of local eve s, spor s comme aries a d he like. Ex er al service of he BBC is a very impor a par of he BBC's work. he BBC World Service broadcas s i hir y five ver acular la guages. he Bri ish have four mai cha els o choose, from: BBC-1 a d BBC-2, I V (I depe de elevisio ) a d Cha el Four. I is a well es ablished fac ha he high quali y of Bri ish elevisio is upheld by he BBC. 

Today one billion human beings, the total population of the technology-rich nations, are speeding toward a rendezvous with super-industrialism. Must we experience mass future shock? Or can we, too, achieve a "soft landing?" We are rapidly accelerating our approach. The craggy outlines of the new society are emerging from the mists of tomorrow. Yet even as we speed closer, evidence mounts that one of our most critical sub-systems – education – is dangerously malfunctioning. What passes for education today, even in our "best" schools and colleges, is a hopeless anachronism. Parents look to education to fit their children for life in the future. Teachers warn that lack of an education will cripple a child's chances in the world of tomorrow. Government ministries, churches, the mass media – all exhort young people to stay in school, insisting that now, as never before, one's future is almost wholly dependent upon education. Yet for all this rhetoric about the future, our schools face backward toward a dying system, rather than forward to the emerging new society

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