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Modern English Word-Formation

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C H A P E R I he ways i which ew words are formed, a d he fac ors which gover heir accep a ce i o he la guage, are ge erally ake very much for gra ed by he average speaker. o u ders a d a word, i is o ecessary o k ow how i is co s ruc ed, whe her i is simple or complex, ha is, whe her or o i ca be broke dow i o wo or more co s i ue s. We are able o use a word which is ew o us whe we fi d ou wha objec or o io i de o es. Some words, of course, are more ‘ ra spare ’ ha o hers. For example, i he words u fa homable a d i describable we recog ize he familiar pa er of ega ive prefix ra si ive word adjec ive-formi g suffix o which ma y words of similar form are co s ruc ed. K owi g he pa er , we ca easily guess heir mea i gs – ‘ca o be fa homed’ a d ‘ca o be described’ – al hough we are o surprised o fi d o her similar-looki g words, for i s a ce u fashio able a d u favourable for which his a alysis will o work. We recog ize as ‘ ra spare ’ he adjec ives u assumi g a d u heard-of, which aki g for gra ed he fac ha we ca o use assumi g a d heard-of. We accep as qui e a ural he fac ha al hough we ca use he verbs o pipe, o drum a d o rumpe , we ca o use he verbs o pia o a d o violi . Bu whe we mee ew coi ages, like ape-code, freak-ou , shu up- ess a d beau icia , we may o readily be able o explai our reac io s o hem. I ova io s i vocabulary are capable of arousi g qui e s ro g feeli gs i people who may o herwise o be i he habi of hi ki g very much abou la guage. Quirk1 quo es some le er o he press of a familiar ki d, wri e o pro es abou ‘horrible jargo ’, such as breakdow , ‘vile’ words like ra spor a io , a d he ‘a roci y’ lay-by. Ma y li guis s agree over he fac ha he subjec of word-forma io has o u il rece ly received very much a e io from descrip ive grammaria s of E glish, or from scholars worki g i he field of ge eral li guis ics. As a collec io of differe processes (compou di g, affixa io , co versio , backforma io , e c.) abou which, as a group, i is difficul o make ge eral s a eme s, word-forma io usually makes a brief appeara ce i o e or wo chap ers of a grammar. Valerie Adams emphasizes wo mai reaso s why he subjec has o bee a rac ive o li guis s: i s co ec io s wi h he o -li guis ic world of hi gs a d ideas, for which words provide he ames, a d i s equivocal posi io as be wee descrip ive a d his orical s udies. A few brief remarks, which ecessarily prese a much over-simplified pic ure, o he course which li guis ics has ake i he las hu dred years will make his easier. he i e ee h ce ury, he period of grea adva ces i his orical a d compara ive la guage s udy, saw he firs claims of li guis ics o be a scie ce, comparable i i s me hods wi h he a ural scie ces which were also e joyi g a period of exci i g discovery. hese claims res ed o he de ailed s udy, by compara ive li guis s, of formal correspo de ces i he I do-Europea la guages, a d heir realiza io ha such s udy depe ded o he assump io of cer ai a ural ‘laws’ of sou d cha ge.

As Robi s2 observes i his discussio of he li guis ics of he la er par of he i e ee h ce ury: he his ory of a la guage is raced hrough recorded varia io s i he forms a d mea i gs of i s words, a d la guages are proved o be rela ed by reaso of heir possessio of worlds beari g formal a d sema ic correspo de ces o each o her such as ca o be a ribu ed o mere cha ce or o rece borrowi g. If sou d cha ge were o regular, if word-forms were subjec o ra dom, i explicable, a d u mo iva ed varia io i he course of ime, such argume s would lose heir validi y a d li guis ic rela io s could o ly be es ablished his orically by ex rali guis ic evide ce such as is provided i he Roma ce field of la guages desce ded from La i . he rise a d developme i he we ie h ce ury of sy chro ic descrip ive li guis ics mea a shif of emphasis from his orical s udies, bu o from he idea of li guis ics as a scie ce based o de ailed observa io a d he rigorous exclusio of all expla a io s depe ded o ex rali guis ic fac ors. As early as 1876, He ry Swee had wri e :Before his ory mus come a k owledge of wha exis s. We mus lear o observe hi gs as hey are, wi hou regard o heir origi , jus as a zoologis mus lear o describe accura ely a horse or a y o her a imal. or would he mere s a eme s ha he moder horse is a desce da of a hree- oed marsh quadruped be accep ed as a exhaus ed descrip io . Such however is he course bei g pursued by mos a iquaria philologis s.3 he mos i flue ial scholar co cer ed wi h he ew li guis ics was Ferdi a d de Saussure, who emphasized he dis i c io be wee ex er al li guis ics – he s udy of he effec s o a la guage of he his ory a d cul ure of i s speakers, a d i er al li guis ics – he s udy of i s sys em a d rules. La guage, s udied sy chro ically, as a sys em of eleme s defi able i rela io o o e a o her, mus be see as a fixed s a e of affairs a a par icular poi of ime. I was i er al li guis ics, s imula ed by de Saussure’s works, ha was o be he mai co cer of he we ie h-ce ury scholars, a d wi hi i here could be o place for he s udy of he forma io of words, wi h i s close co ec io wi h he ex er al world a d i s implica io s of co s a cha ge. A y discussio of ew forma io s as such mea s he aba do me of he s ric dis i c io be wee his ory a d he prese mome . As Harris expressed i his i flue ial S ruc ural Li guis ics4: ‘ he me hods of descrip ive li guis ics ca o rea of he produc ivi y of eleme s si ce ha is a measure of he differe ce be wee our corpus a d some fu ure corpus of he la guage.’ Leo ard Bloomfield, whose book La guage5 was he ex work of major i flue ce af er ha of de Saussure, re-emphasized he ecessi y of a scie ific approach, a d he co seque difficul ies i he way of s udyi g ‘mea i g’, a d u il he middle of he i e ee -fif ies, i eres was ce ered o he isola i g of mi imal segme s of speech, he descrip io of heir dis ribu io rela ive o o e a o her, a d heir orga iza io i o larger u i s. he fu dame al u i of grammar was o he word bu a smaller u i , he morpheme. he ex major cha ge of emphasis i li guis ics was marked by he publica io i 1957 of oam Chomsky’s Sy ac ic S ruc ures6.

As Chomsky s a ed i , he aim of li guis ics was ow see o be ‘ o make gramma ical expla a io s parallel i achieveme o he behavior of he speaker who, o he basis of a fi i e a d accide al experie ce wi h la guage ca produce a d u ders a d a i defi i e umber of ew se e ces’7. he idea of produc ivi y, or crea ivi y, previously excluded from li guis ics, or discussed i erms of probabili ies i he effor o mai ai he view of la guage as exis i g i a s a ic s a e, was see o be of ce ral impor a ce. Bu s ill word-forma io remai ed a opic eglec ed by li guis s, a d for several good reaso s. Chomsky made explici he dis i c io , fu dame al o li guis ics oday (a d comparable o ha made by de Saussure be wee la gue, he sys em of a la guage, a d parole, he se of u era ces of he la guage), be wee li guis ic compe e ce, ‘ he speaker-hearer’s k owledge of his la guage’ a d performa ce, ‘ he ac ual use of la guage i co cre e si ua io s’8. Li ked wi h his dis i c io are he o io s of ‘gramma ical ess’ a d ‘accep abili y’; i Chomsky’s words, ‘Accep abili y is a co cep ha belo gs o he s udy of compe e ce’9. A ‘gramma ical’ u era ce is o e which may be ge era ed a d i erpre ed by he rules of he grammar; a ‘accep able’ u era ce is o e which is ‘perfec ly a ural a d immedia ely comprehe sible. a d i o way bizarre or ou la dish’10. I is easy o show, as Chomsky does, ha a gramma ical se e ce may o be accep able. For i s a ce, his is he cheese he ra he ca caugh s ole appears ‘bizarre’ a d u accep able because we have difficul y i worki g i ou , o because i breaks a y gramma ical rules. Ge erally, however, i is o be expec ed ha gramma ical ess a d accep abili y will go ha d i ha d where se e ces are co cer ed. he abili y o make a d u ders a d ew words is obviously as much a par of our li guis ic compe e ce as he abili y o make a d u ders a d ew se e ces, a d so, as Pe a e 11 poi s ou , ‘i is a obvious gap i ra sforma io al grammars o o have made provisio for rea i g word-forma io .’ Bu , as we have already o iced, we may readily hi g of words, like o pia o a d o violi , agai s which we ca i voke o rule, bu which are defi i ely ‘u accep able’ for o obvious reaso . he i co grue ce of gramma icali y a d accep abili y ha is, is far grea er where words are co cer ed ha where se e ces are co cer ed. I is so grea , i fac , ha he exercise of se i g ou he ‘rules’ for formi g words has so far seemed o ma y li guis s o be ou of ques io able useful ess. he occasio s o which we would have o describe he ou pu of such rules as ‘gramma ical bu o -occurri g’12 are jus oo umerous. A d here are fur her difficul ies i rea i g ew words like ew se e ces. A ovel word (like ha dbook or par ial) may a rac u welcome a e io o i self a d appear o be he resul of he breaki g of rules ra her ha of heir applica io . A d besides, he more accus omed o he word we become, he more likely we are o fi d i accep able, whe her i is ‘gramma ical’ or o – or perhaps we should say, whe her or o is was ‘gramma ical’ a he ime i was firs formed, si ce a ew word o ce formed, of e becomes merely a member of a i ve ory; i s forma io is a his orical eve , a d he ‘rule’ behi d i may he appear irreleva .

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Lexicology. Different dialects and accents of English
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The History of English
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The history of Old English and its development

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33. Использование полей и закладок для оформления и автоматизации редактирования и обработки экономической информации в документах Word


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40. Макаренко, Ушинскому, Сухомлинскому и Шацкому Word`97

41. Преемственность и перспективность в работе по русскому языку между I-III (IV) (на материале внеурочной предметной деятельности) (и V-VI классами (Диплом) MS Word`2000)

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44. Преемственность и перспективность в работе по русскому языку между I-III (IV) (на материале внеурочной предметной деятельности) (и V-VI классами (Диплом) MS Word

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50. The lesson of English

51. English writer: William Shakespeare

52. The English language

53. Неблагоприятные Эффекты Зеленых Лужаек english

54. Aaliyah (Haughton) 1979 -- 2001 english
Aaliyah (Haughton) 1979 -- 2001 english
55. Renaissanc english
Renaissanc english
56. Шекспир english

57. Такахаси Наоко english

58. Harri Jogisalu english

59. English as an Indo-European Language

60. Конфликт между Палестинскими Арабами и Евреями english

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64. Теория социокультурных систем как основа для потенциального анализа конфликтов english

Карандаши цветные, 24 цвета.
Цветные карандаши заточенные. Количество цветов: 24.
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Брелок с символикой чемпионата мира FIFA 2018. Материал: ПВХ.
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66. Вестминстер english

67. 2 Топика по иностранному языку english

68. Топик по иностранному языку english

69. 2 Топика по иностранному языку english

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81. Международная политика english

82. Татарстан /english/

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87. Путешествие /english/
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97. Historical Background of the Middle English Period

98. Polari - English gay slang

99. The system of english tenses

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