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The Geographical Position of Ukraine

Забавная пачка денег "100 долларов".
Купюры в пачке выглядят совсем как настоящие, к тому же и банковской лентой перехвачены... Но вглядитесь внимательней, и Вы увидите
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Брелок LED "Лампочка" классическая.
Брелок работает в двух автоматических режимах и горит в разных цветовых гаммах. Материал: металл, акрил. Для работы нужны 3 батарейки
131 руб
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Наклейки для поощрения "Смайлики 2".
Набор для поощрения на самоклеящейся бумаге. Формат 95х160 мм.
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UKRAI E he Geographical Posi io of Ukrai e he Clima e of Ukrai e he Capi al of Ukrai e Ukrai e radi io s Ukrai ia Cuisi e Ukrai ia Places of I eres he educa io Sys em i Ukrai e Ukrai ia You h owadays he problem of E viro me al Pro ec io i Ukrai e Ukrai e a d E glish-speaki g Cou ries Lis of Books Ukrai e 1. he Geographical Posi io of Ukrai e Ukrai e is a sovereig s a e wi h i s ow erri ory a d i s bodies of s a e power a d gover me s. I also has a io al emblem: s a e flag a d a hem. Ukrai e proclaimed i s i depe de ce i Augus 24, 1991 a d co firmed his s a us o December 1-s of he same year. he cou ry is si ua ed i he sou h-eas er par of Ce ral Europe. I covers he area of 604,000 square kilome res. he erri ory of Ukrai e co sis s of he Au o omy Republic of Crimea a d 24 regio s. Ukrai e is i habi ed by people belo gi g o more ha 110 e h ic groups. he popula io of Ukrai e is early 50 millio people. I borders o Pola d, Slovakia a d Hu gary i he wes a d o Roma ia a d Moldova i he sou hwes . I 's or her eighbour is Byelarus a d he eas er o e is Russia. he erri ory of Ukrai e is mos ly fla a d mou ai s make up o ly 5% of i s erri ory ( here are he Carpa hia mou ai s i he wes a d he Crimea mou ai s i he sou h). he clima e of Ukrai e is modera e. he geographical posi io of Ukrai e he mai rivers of Ukrai e are he D ipro, he D is er, he Buh a d Do e s a d o hers! he D ipro is he mai river i he cou ry. I 's o e of he lo ges rivers i he world. Ukrai e is washed by he Black Sea a d he sea of Azov a d has such impor a por s as Odesa, Mariupol, Mykolaiv, Kherso . he geographical posi io of Ukrai e is favourable, because he cou ry lies, o he crossroad of he ways from Asia o Europe. Like a y o her cou ry i he world Ukrai e has big ci ies; amo g hem are Kyiv, he capi al of Ukrai e; Kharkiv, which used o be he capi al of Ukrai e a d ow i 's a impor a i dus rial a d cul ural ce re; Do e sk is a coal-mi i g a d chemical ce re; Odesa is a big sea-por ; Lviv is a large scie ific a d cul ural ce re a d a lo of o hers. Due o favourable clima ic co di io s, Ukrai e is radi io ally a agricul ural cou ry. Whea a d cor s, all ki ds of frui are grow here. he cou ry is rich i a io al resources, such as iro ore, coal, gas. I produces pla es a d ships, lorries a d buses, V a d radio-se s a d o her goods. 2. he Clima e of Ukrai e he clima e of Ukrai e is modera e. Summer is ho a d dry wi h occasio al rai s a d hu ders orms. Wi er is ra her mild wi hou severe fros s bu wi h s owfalls everywhere. he rivers a d lakes freeze i wi er. Ukrai e is ra her a big cou ry, ha 's why i s clima e is differe i various regio s of i . Of course, he ho es regio is i he Sou h. I he ce ral par of he cou ry he clima e is modera e a d co i e al. he clima e o he erri ory alo g he Black Sea a d he Sea of Azov is warmer. he Crimea a d he Carpa hia mou ai s pro ec he cou ry from wi ds. he coldes par is ha i he or h a d i he or h-eas . A d ow le 's charac erize every seaso of he year i our cou ry i ge eral. Au um is warm a he begi i g bu la er i ge s colder, i of e rai s. Wi er se s i December wi h i s cold a d heavy s owfalls a d wi ds.

he average empera ure is abou 15 – 20 degrees below zero. Bu i of e happe s ha wi ers are mild a d rai y a d his is he mos u pleasa ime. I spri g he wea her is cha geable. I may be cold a d wi dy, su y a d rai y o o e a d he same day. I summer he wea her is usually warm, some imes ho a d dry. he empera ure is abou 20 – 30 degrees above zero. he warmes mo hs are July a d Augus . hey say he clima e i Ukrai e like a ywhere else, is ge i g milder wi h every comi g year. I he las few years all he scie is s agree ha some hi g very serious is happe i g o he clima e a d wea her of Ukrai e a d he whole world. I depe ds o ma y reaso s. 3. he Capi al of Ukrai e Kyiv is he capi al of Ukrai e. I has a lo g his ory. A d his makes Kyiv s a d ou amo g o her ci ies. I 1982 i 's 1.500 h a iversary was celebra ed i he cou ry. I was called « he Mo her of All Russia Ci ies». Kyiv bears he ame of pri ce Kyi. Kyiv is he sea of he Supreme Cour a d Cabi e of Mi is ers. I 's popula io is abou 3 millio . Kyiv occupies a area of 790 square kilome res. he ci y lies o bo h ba ks of he D ipro. Kyiv is he larges ce re of a io al cul ure. A lo of co cer -halls, fif ee museums, palaces of cul ure, film s udios, he circus make Kyiv a large cul ural ce re i Ukrai e. he Kyiv Shevche ko opera a d Balle house, he Kyiv Fra ko Drama hea re are well-k ow all over he world. Museum of Books a d Book Pri i g, museums devo ed o drama ic a d film ar , memorial museums devo ed o ou s a di g perso ali ies are si ua ed i Kyiv. Kyiv is also o e of he bigges scie ific ce res. he Ukrai ia Academy of Scie ces a d ma y research i s i u es are famous for i s discoveries. More ha 10000 s ude s s udy a he Shevche ko a io al U iversi y. here are over 20 higher educa io al es ablishme s i Kyiv. Kyiv is famous for i s beau y, for i s wo derful broad ave ues, lo s of ches u rees a d flowers all over he ci y. A remarkable fea ure of our ime is ha people ravel a lo . hose who are fo d of visi i g his orical a d cul ural places usually dwell heir choice o a cie ci ies. he older he ci y is he more places of i eres i has. ha 's why Kyiv is qui e a i eres i g place from his view poi . ouris s are a rac ed by umerous places of i eres i Kyiv. hey are Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra, S . Sophia's Ca hedral, he Golde Ga e, he mo ume s o .G. Shevche ko, he grea poe of Ukrai e, o Bohda Khmel y sky a d Pri ce Volodymyr. Kyiv has a well-develops i dus ry. I s fac ories a d pla s produce sea a d river ra spor vessels, air li ers, compu ers, mo orcycles, co sumer goods. 4. Ukrai e radi io s As each cou ry i he world Ukrai e is rich i i s a io al radi io s. Some of hem are commo i he world a d some of hem are u commo . Firs of all we celebra e our I depe de ce Day o he 24- h of Augus . o my mi d, his holiday is you g because my cou ry as a i depe de o e is very you g oo. I 's o ly eleve years old. Bu i fu ure, I hi k, i will be a big holiday. I'd like o ell you abou some old radi io s i my cou ry. hey are Eas er a d Chris mas. My people bega o celebra e hese holidays si ce he bap izi g of Kyivska Rus i 988 by Pri ce Volodymyr.

We celebra e Eas er i spri g, accordi g o he Julia cale dar ha 's why i does ' coi side wi h he wes er world. his holiday is always i April or a he begi i g of May. Eas er symbolizes he Resurrec io of Jesus Chris . Every body makes cakes so called pasha a d dye eggs. Eas er eggs Eas er cakes are sold a every bakery, bu home-made o es are always much as ier. All he provisio mus be bap ized i he church early i he mor i g. A o her holiday is Chris mas. We mark i o he 7- h of Ja uary. I Europe a d i he USA i 's celebra ed i December. O Chris mas people celebra e he bir h of Jesus Chris . here are some da es a d eve s i he life of our cou ry ha are memorable o every Ukrai ia ci ize . he mos memorable da e is he Vic ory Day which is kep o he 9 h of May. O his day he a iversary of he vic ory over fascis i Seco d World War is celebra ed. here is o e more holiday which is loved by childre a d adul s. his is ew Year's Eve. People decora e ew year rees wi h oys a d ligh s a d all he people are give prese s. O he ew Year igh people do ' sleep, hey visi heir frie ds or jus s ay a home a d wa ch V. hese are a io al holidays, people do ' work o hese days. As for me, I like o celebra e hese days! 5. Ukrai ia Cuisi e he a io al cuisi e reflec s he rich ess of radi io s a d folkways of Ukrai ia people. he mos popular a d well-k ow Ukrai ia dish is surely borshch, a aroma ic a d appe izi g cabbage-soup of some 20 i gredie s. I may be cooked wi h beef, chicke or pork, baked bee s, bea s a d mushrooms. Ukrai ia borshch Borshch is served as he mai course wi h pampushki, sof rolls soaked i garlic. radi io al i he Ukrai ia me u are vare yky, a ype of boiled dumpli gs wi h various filli gs (cherries, s rawberries, fried mushrooms, curd, chopped liver, e c.) a d golub sy - cabbage rolls s uffed wi h mi ced mea . Ukrai ia vare yky I Ukrai ia cuisi e has a varie y of dairy meal as well as swee pas ry, i cludi g dough u s, cakes a d o her cookies. he proud of Ukrai ia people is whea bread, swee -smelli g a d ligh . If you have a occasio o be a he Ukrai ia home, you will be charmed by he si cere warm h of hos s a d homemade food. 6. Ukrai ia Places of I eres Ukrai e is a cou ry wi h he rich pas . I is rich for his orical mo ume s a d differe places of i eres . Kyiv, he capi al of Ukrai e, is o e of he oldes ci ies i he Eas er Europe. ha 's why i is o surprisi g ha a lo of i eres i g mo ume s are si ua ed here. For example, he well-k ow o all Slavo ic world S . Sophia's Ca hedral a d Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra. Kyivo-Pecherska Lavra Bu Ukrai e is o o ly Kyiv. here is also Wes er Ukrai e wi h he Carpa hia s wi h heir lege ds a d wi h heir u ique a ure a d cul ure. O e may visi he famous symbol of he Crimea – he cas le “Swallow's es ” or he reside ce of Russia sars i Livadia. I is also possible o visi he las house of Chekhov, ow he museum i Jal a. here Chekhov lived a d wro e his las works. I is possible o go hrough Gogol places i Pol ava regio , see Dicka ka, Sorochi sy. O e may also go o Zaporizhzhia, o he isla d of Кhor y sya. here he Ukrai ia cossack's orga iza io was bor .

Asia Minor fell under the control of various Macedonian generals after the death of Alexander the Great in 323 b.c., but individual cities flourished and retained considerable powers of local self-government. Indeed, Ephesus, in Plautus' lifetime, was geographically part of the kingdom of Pergamum, which made up the western third of the peninsula of Asia Minor. The city was at the very peak of its wealth and its commercial prosperity. Of course, neither was in a position to carry on petty feuds with each other, and there is no historical basis for the opening situation in the play-but that is just to get the story moving. To Epidamnum.. . Duke Solinus points out that the penalty for being caught in Ephesian territory is a thousand marks. In default of payment of the fine, Egeon must be executed. Egeon seems to think death will be a relief and the curious Duke asks why. Egeon sighs and begins his tale. In Syracuse, he had married a woman he loved: With her I lived in joy, our wealth increased By prosperous voyages I often made To Epidamnum…   —Act I, scene i, lines 38-41 Epidamnum (or Epidamnus) was a Greek city-state on what is now the coast of Albania; on the site, indeed, of Durres, Albania's chief port

1. Ukraine: Geographical Position

2. The Comparative Analysis Of The History Of The Computer Science And The Computer Engineering In The USA And Ukraine

3. International Combating The Crimes Harming The Economic Development Of States

4. On the problem of crystal metallic lattice in the densest packings of chemical elements

5. The fastest computers of the world

6. The fastest computers of the world
The fastest computers of the world
7. The history of England can be defined as the gradual process of Parliament asserting its authority over the monarchy
8. The United States of America
The United States of America

9. The National Emblem of the Republic of Kazakhstan

10. THE Growing Influence of English Mass Culture

11. The United States of America

12. Climate of Ukraine

13. The political system of Great Britain

14. Regional variation of pronunciation in the south-west of England

15. The working day of an engineer

16. The political method of the International Socialist Organisation

Копилка "Металлический сейф с ключом", красная.
Качественный металлический сейф-копилка с двумя замками (кодовый и обычный) позволит Вам скопить приличную сумму на поездку, например.
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Раздел: Копилки
Карандаши цветные "Evolution", 24 цвета.
Количество цветов: 24. Ультрапрочные цветные карандаши, изготовленные без использования древесины. В наборе 24 ярких цвета. Цветной
694 руб
Раздел: 13-24 цвета
Одеяло 2-х спальное "Стандарт", шерсть мериноса.
Одеяло 2-х-спальное (стандарт). Материал: овечья шерсть, мериноса (смесь натурального и искусственного шерстяного наполнителя). Чехол:
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Раздел: Одеяла

17. The United States of America

18. Acquaintance with geometry as one of the main goals of teaching mathematics to preschool children

19. The basic features of translation informal lexicon

20. The Heraldic Symbolism of the Unicorn on the British Coat-of-Arms

21. The political thinking of Hobbes, Locke and Rousseau decisively shaped the western intellectual tradition

22. The United Kingdom of Great Britain
The United Kingdom of Great Britain
23. Working out of the search algorithm of failures of Air Conditioning System of TU-154
24. The development of computers in ukraine and the former USSR
The development of computers in ukraine and the former USSR

25. The effect of light intensity on the amount of chlorophyll in “Cicer arietinum”

26. The Economy of Great Britain

27. История Советсткого флота (History of the Soviet fleet)

28. The Church of England

29. Jealousy as the cause of internal self-destruction in "Kreutzer Sonata" by Leo Tolstoy (Ревность как причина внутреннего самоуничтожения в "Крейцеровой сонате" Льва Толстого)

30. The history of railways (История железных дорог)

31. Alaska’s Wildlife: on the Verge of Extinction (Живая природа Штата Аляска на грани исчезновения)

32. Motivation: Reward system and the role of compensation

Шнуровка-бусы "Русалочки".
Обучающая игра для детей от 3 лет, которая развивает логическое мышление, внимание, память. В наборе: 11 фигурок, шнуровка с безопасными
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Фоторамка на 7 фотографий С34-010 "Alparaisa", 55,5x29 см (бронзовый).
Размеры рамки: 55,5x29x1 cм. Размеры фото: - 10х15 см, 3 штуки, - 10х10 см, 3 штуки, - 13х18 см, 1 штука. Фоторамка-коллаж для 7-ми
614 руб
Раздел: Мультирамки
Настольная игра "Доббль".
Игра для желающих повеселиться и проверить своё зрительное восприятие, внимательность и реакцию. Оригинальная круглая баночка содержит 55
1093 руб
Раздел: Внимание, память, логика

33. The Castles of England

34. The Impact of the Afghan War on soviet soldiers

35. The role of art in our life

36. Three Waves of Alvin Toffler. The Basic Points

37. Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry

38. The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.
The face of every city is different. Washington D.C.
39. The New-York City, Places of interest
The New-York City, Places of interest
40. Династия Тюдоров (essay the house of Tudor)

41. Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov: on the brink of suicide. Ф.М. Достоевский, Преступление и наказание

42. The influence of the Great Britain on our daily life

43. The Hero of Our Time

44. Consequence of building the National Missile Defense

45. “The Role of Smallpox Vaccination in Mortality Decline in the Great Britain through Eradicating the Disease between XVIII-XX centuries – Facts or a Political Arithmetick?”

46. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

47. Ways of exploring the world

48. The role of art in our life

Пепельница на ножке "Мэджик", 72 см.
Пепельница (на ножке) "Мэджик". Размер: 9,5 см. Высота пепельницы: 72 см. Материал: металл.
1534 руб
Раздел: Пепельницы
Карниз для ванной, угловой, белый, 240 см.
Материал: пластик. Длина: 240 см. Цвет: белый.
570 руб
Раздел: Штанги и кольца
Увлекательная настольная игра "Зверобуквы English", новая версия.
Методика проста и хорошо знакома всем по русским «Зверобуквам» — собирая названия зверей из букв на столе, игроки запоминают визуальные
632 руб
Раздел: Карточные игры

49. Raskolnikov and Svidrigailov: on the brink of suicide. Ф.М. Достоевский, Преступление и наказание

50. Династия Тюдоров (essay the house of Tudor)

51. Evaluating the GPRS Radio Interface for Different Quality of Service Profiles

52. Allergy Enlightenment: Is Modern Medicine Fighting the Causes of This Ailment? Are Doctors Telling Us Everything?

53. The Consequences of the Soviet-Afghan War

54. Апокатастасис и "Благое молчание" в эсхатологии св. Максима исповедника (Apokatastasis and «Honorable silence» in the eschatology of st. Maximus the confessor)
55. Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry
Geometrization of the Fundamentals of Chemistry
56. The profile of an effective manager
The profile of an effective manager

57. The history of Australia

58. The Taming of the Shrew

59. The teaching of Hugo Gratius

60. The Problem of Holmelessness in Canada

61. History of the USA

62. A role of the Environmental Ethics in the modern society

63. The History of Moscow

64. Review of Bill Gates’s book ”Business @ the Speed of Thought”

Настольная игра "День вождей".
Детская активная игра для компании от 2 до 6 человек. Каждый ход игроки получают карточки с заданиями, которые надо выполнить. Если
1490 руб
Раздел: Игры-ходилки с фишками
Гамачок для купания.
Горка для купания (гамачок) для ванны 100 см служит для поддержки младенцев в ванночке. Ванночка с гамачком обеспечит комфортное принятие
349 руб
Раздел: Горки, приспособления для купания
Набор для уборки Vileda "Ultramat": швабра со сборной ручкой+ведро с отжимом.
Набор предназначен для влажной уборки всех типов напольных покрытий. Швабра отжимается в специальной воронке на ведре, благодаря чему руки
2210 руб
Раздел: Швабры и наборы

65. Problems of the youth

66. The uniqueness of the British

67. The protection of the environment

68. The Role of Smallpox Vaccination in Mortality Decline in the Great Britain through Eradicating the Disease

69. The library of our institute

70. The lesson of English
The lesson of English
71. Cities of the USA
Cities of the USA
72. The climate of Great Britain
The climate of Great Britain

73. The Doctrine of the "Mysterious Female" in Taoism

74. The sights of USA.

75. The pride of the nation

76. Places of interest in Ukraine

77. The history of Christmas

78. Bosch, Hieronymus: The Temptation of St Anthony

79. The economy of KOREA - Looking Ahead to the 21st Century

80. Category of number of the noun

Подставка для бумаг трехсекционная сборная, серая.
Формат: А4. Материал: пластик. Цвет: серый.
337 руб
Раздел: Подставки, лотки для бумаг, футляры
Ящик почтовый с замком, тёмно-зелёный.
Ящик почтовый с замком. Материал: пластик. Длина: 385 мм. Ширина: 310 мм. Высота: 80 мм.
505 руб
Раздел: Прочее
Мебель для кукол "Спальня Конфетти".
Спальня "Конфетти" - это игровой набор, состоящий из пуфика, кровати и трюмо. Мебель собирается по схеме. При сборке не забудьте
565 руб
Раздел: Спальни, кроватки

81. Ecological problems in big cities, particular in Moscow. How can a contradiction between the technological progress and ecology be solved from my point of view?

82. History of democracy of the USA

83. Political System of the USA

84. The Algorithm of a Start and the Development of International Conflicts and Possible Ways of Their Solution

85. The Snows of Mars

86. The development of computers in the USA
The development of computers in the USA
87. The system of english tenses
The system of english tenses
88. Word-formation of the English language. Conversion
Word-formation of the English language. Conversion

89. A Brief History of the Internet and Related Networks

90. Survey of the British Geography and Life

91. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow: Most Popular Poet of the Nineteenth Century

92. Ways of exploring the world

93. Problems of the youth (friendship, love, conflicts)

94. Is the nature of quantum chaos classical?

95. For the Beauty of the Earth

96. American Literature: An Overview Of The Development From The 17th To The 20th Centu-ries

Пустышки силиконовые Avent "Ночная", розовый (6-18 месяцев), 2 штуки.
Симметричные мягкие ортодонтические соски пустышек Avent от Philips учитывают естественное строение и развитие неба, зубов и десен
660 руб
Раздел: 6-18 месяцев
Набор ковриков "Kamalak Tekstil" для ванной, 50х50 см и 50x80 см (синий).
Ковры-паласы выполнены из полипропилена. Ковры обладают хорошими показателями теплостойкости и шумоизоляции. Являются гипоаллергенными. За
607 руб
Раздел: Коврики
Форма для выпечки разъемная "Appetite", 20х7 см.
Форма для выпечки с антипригарным покрытием, разъемная. Размер: 20х7 см.
371 руб
Раздел: Формы и формочки для выпечки

97. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

98. The history of Ancient Egypt

99. Giza, Wonder of the World

Поиск Рефератов на сайте za4eti.ru Вы студент, и у Вас нет времени на выполнение письменных работ (рефератов, курсовых и дипломов)? Мы сможем Вам в этом помочь. Возможно, Вам подойдет что-то из ПЕРЕЧНЯ ПРЕДМЕТОВ И ДИСЦИПЛИН, ПО КОТОРЫМ ВЫПОЛНЯЮТСЯ РЕФЕРАТЫ, КУРСОВЫЕ И ДИПЛОМНЫЕ РАБОТЫ. 
Вы можете поискать нужную Вам работу в КОЛЛЕКЦИИ ГОТОВЫХ РЕФЕРАТОВ, КУРСОВЫХ И ДИПЛОМНЫХ РАБОТ, выполненных преподавателями московских ВУЗов за период более чем 10-летней работы. Эти работы Вы можете бесплатно СКАЧАТЬ.