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Lexicology. Different dialects and accents of English

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Мыло металлическое "Ликвидатор".
Мыло для рук «Ликвидатор» уничтожает стойкие и трудно выводимые запахи за счёт особой реакции металла с вызывающими их элементами.
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Совок №5.
Длина совка: 22 см. Цвет в ассортименте, без возможности выбора.
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Preface Every la guage allows differe ki ds of varia io s: geographical or erri orial, perhaps he mos obvious, s ylis ic, he differe ce be wee he wri e a d he spoke form of he s a dard a io al la guage a d o hers. I is he a io al la guage of E gla d proper, he USA, Aus ralia, ew Zeala d a d some provi ces of Ca ada. I is he official la guage of Wales, Sco la d, i Gibral ar a d o he isla d of Mal a. Moder li guis ics dis i guishes erri orial varia s of a a io al la guage a d local dialec s. Varia s of a la guage are regio al varie ies of a s a dard li erary la guage charac erized by some mi or peculiari ies i he sou d sys em, vocabulary a d grammar a d by heir ow li erary orms. S a dard E glish – he official la guage of Grea Bri ai augh a schools a d u iversi ies, used by he press, he radio a d he elevisio a d spoke by educa ed people may be defi ed as ha form of E glish which is curre a d li erary, subs a ially u iform a d recog ized as accep able wherever E glish is spoke or u ders ood. I s vocabulary is co ras ed o dialec words or dialec isms belo gi g o various local dialec s. Local dialec s are varie ies of he E glish la guage peculiar o some dis ric s a d havi g o ormalized li erary form. Regio al varie ies possessi g a li erary form are called varia s. Dialec s are said o u dergo rapid cha ges u der he pressure of S a dard E glish augh a schools a d he speech habi s cul iva ed by radio, elevisio a d ci ema. he differe ces be wee he E glish la guage as spoke i Bri ai . he USA, Aus ralia a d Ca ada are immedia ely o iceable i he field of pho e ics. However hese dis i c io s are co fi ed o he ar icula ory-acous ic charac eris ics of some pho emes, o some differe ces i he use of o hers a d o he differe ces i he rhy hm a d i o a io of speech. he few pho emes charac eris ic of America pro u cia io a d alie o Bri ish li erary orms ca as a rule be observed i Bri ish dialec s. AMERICA E GLISH he varie y of E glish spoke i he USA has received he ame of America E glish. he erm varia or varie y appears mos appropria e for several reaso s. America E glish ca o be called a dia­lec al hough i is a regio al varie y, because i has a li erary ormalized form called S a dard America , whereas by defi i io give above a dialec has o li erary form. ei her is i a separa e la guage, as some America au hors, like H. L. Me cke , claimed, because i has ei her grammar or vocabulary of i s ow . From he lexical poi of view o e shall have o deal o ly wi h a he eroge eous se of America isms. A America ism may be defi ed as a word or a se expressio peculiar o he E glish la guage as spoke i he USA. E.g. cookie 'a biscui '; frame house 'a house co sis i g of a skele o of imber, wi h boards or shi gles laid o '; frame-up 'a s aged or preco cer ed law case'; guess ' hi k'; s ore 'shop'. A ge eral a d comprehe sive descrip io of he America varia is give i Professor Shwei zer's mo ograph. A impor a aspec of his rea me is he dis i c io made be wee america isms belo gi g o he li erary orm a d hose exis i g i low colloquial a d sla g. he differ­e ce be wee he America a d Bri ish li erary orm is o sys ema ic.

he America varia of he E glish la guage differs from Bri ish E glish i pro u cia io , some mi or fea ures of grammar, bu chiefly i vocabulary, a d his paragraph will deal wi h he la er.1 Our rea ­me will be mai ly diachro ic. Speaki g abou he his oric causes of hese devia io s i is ecessary o me io ha America E glish is based o he la guage impor ed o he ew co i e a he ime of he firs se leme s, ha is o he E g­lish of he 17 h ce ury. he firs colo ies were fou ded i 1607, so ha he firs colo izers were co emporaries of Shakespeare, Spe ser a d Mil­ o . Words which have died ou i Bri ai , or cha ged heir mea i g may survive i he USA. hus, I guess was used by Chaucer for I hi k. For more ha hree ce uries he America vocabulary developed more or less i depe de ly of he Bri ish s ock a d, was i flue ced by he ew surrou di gs. he early America s had o coi words for he u familiar fau a a d flora. He ce bull-frog 'a large frog', moose ( he America elk), oppossum, raccoo (a America a imal rela ed o he bears), for a imals; a d cor , hickory, e c. for pla s. hey also had o fi d ames for he ew co di io s of eco omic life: back-cou ry 'dis ric s o ye hickly popula ed', back-se leme , backwoods ' he fores beyo d he cleared cou ry', backwoodsma 'a dweller i he backwoods'. he opposi io of a y wo lexical sys ems amo g he varia s described is of grea li guis ic a d heuris ic value because i fur ishes ample da a for observi g he i flue ce of ex ra-li guis ic fac ors upo he vocabu­lary. America poli ical vocabulary shows his poi very defi i ely: abse ee vo i g 'vo i g by mail', dark horse 'a ca dida e omi a ed u expec edly a d o k ow o his vo ers', o gerryma der ' o arra ge a d falsify he elec oral process o produce a favorable resul i he i eres s of a par icular par y or ca dida e', all-ou er 'a adep of decisive meas­ures'. Ma y of he foreig eleme s borrowed i o America E glish from he I dia dialec s or from Spa ish pe e ra ed very soo o o ly i o Bri ish E glish bu also i o several o her la guages, Russia o excluded, a d so became i er a io al. hey are: ca oe, moccasi , squaw, omahawk, wigwam, e c. a d ra sla io loa s: pipe of peace, pale-face a d he. like, ake from I dia la guages. he Spa ish borrowi gs like cafe eria, mus a g, ra ch, sombrero, e c. are very familiar o he speakers of ma y Europea la guages. I is o ly by force of habi ha li guis s s ill i clude hese words amo g he specific fea ures of America E glish. As o he opo yms, for i s a ce, Iowa, Ka sas, Michiga , Missouri, U ah (all ames of I dia ribes), or o her ames of ow s, rivers a d s a es amed by I dia words, i mus be bor e i mi d ha i all cou ­ ries of he world ow s, rivers a d he like show i heir ames races of he earlier i habi a s of he la d i ques io . A o her big group of peculiari ies as compared wi h he E glish of Grea Bri ai is caused by some specific fea ures of pro u cia io , s ress or spelli g s a dards, such as i made, day a d some o her. he America spelli g is i some respec s simpler ha i s Bri ish cou erpar , i o her respec s jus differe . he suffix -our is spelled -or, so ha armor a d humor are he America varia s of armour a d humour.

Al ho s a ds for al hough a d hru for hrough. he able below illus ra es some of he o her differe ces bu i is by o mea s exhaus ive. For a more comple e rea me he reader is referred o he mo ograph by A. D. Schwei zer: Bri ish spelli gAmerica spelli g offe ceoffe se cosycozy prac iceprac ise hralldom hralldom jewelleryjewelery raveli g raveli g I he course of ime wi h he developme of he moder mea s of commu ica io he lexical differe ces be wee he wo varia s show a e de cy o decrease. America isms pe e ra e i o S a dard E glish a d Bri ishisms come o be widely used i America speech. America isms me io ed as specific i ma uals issued a few decades ago are ow used o bo h sides of he A la ic or subs i u ed by erms formerly co sidered as specifically Bri ish. I was, for i s a ce, cus omary o co ras he E glish word au um wi h he America fall. I reali y bo h words are used i bo h cou ries, o ly au um is somewha more eleva ed, while i E gla d he word fall is ow rare i li erary use, hough fou d i some dialec s a d survivi g i se expressio s: spri g a d fall, he fall of he year are s ill i fairly commo use. Ci ema a d V are probably he mos impor a cha els for he passage of America isms i o he la guage of Bri ai a d o her la guages as well: he Germa s adop ed he word ee ager a d he Fre ch speak of Vau oma isa io . he i flue ce of America publici y is also a vehicle of America isms. his is how he Bri ish erm wireless is replaced by he America ism radio. he jargo of America film-adver isi g makes i s way i o Bri ish usage; i.e. of all ime (i &quo ; he grea es film of all ime&quo ;). he phrase is ow firmly es ablished as s a dard vocabulary a d applied o subjec s o her ha films. he perso al visi s of wri ers a d scholars o he USA a d all forms of o her perso al co ac s bri g back America isms. he exis i g cases of differe ce be wee he wo varia s, are co ­ve ie ly classified i o: 1) Cases where here are o equivale s i Bri ish E glish: drive-i a ci ema where you ca see he film wi hou ge i g ou of your car' or 'a shop where mo oris s buy hi gs s ayi g i he car'; dude ra ch 'a sham ra ch used as a summer reside ce for holiday-makers from he ci ies'. he ou dude was origi ally a co emp uous ick ame give by he i habi a s of he Wes er s a es o hose of he Eas er s a es. ow here is o co emp i e ded i he word dude. I simply mea s 'a perso who pays his way o a far ra ch or camp'. 2) Cases where differe words are used for he same de o a um, such as ca , ca dy, mailbox, movies, suspe ders, ruck i he USA a d i , swee s, pillar-box (or le er-box), pic ures or flicks, braces a d lorry i E gla d. 3) Cases where he sema ic s ruc ure of a par ially equivale word is differe . he word paveme , for example, mea s i he firs place 'coveri g of he s ree or he floor a d he like made of asphal , s o es or some o her ma erial'. he derived mea i g is i E gla d ' he foo way a he side of he road'. he America s use he ou sidewalk for his, while paveme wi h hem mea s ' he roadway'. 4) Cases where o herwise equivale words are differe i dis ribu­ io . he verb ride i S a dard E glish is mos ly combi ed wi h such ou s as a horse, a bicycle, more seldom hey say o ride o a bus.

Many country people only have one bath a year, and their daily hygiene routine consists of just washing the feet before bed. Most of the tiger stoves in the streets of Hefei, the capital of Anhui province, are businesses without a permit that haven't been checked or approved by the authorities. The majority are small, family-run affairs, the fuel is scrap wood, which sits heaped up along the dividing walls without even the most basic fire precautions, and there are residential areas all around, tightly packed rows of simple one-storey houses. It's terrifying to consider – if there's one small slip and a fire starts, these places will become a crematorium, the fire engines won't even be able to get through the narrow lanes, and the tiger stove will become a tiger that eats people. XINRAN: So that's another reason why they are called tiger stoves! There are similar contraptions in every place, but they're called different names in China's thousands of different dialects. And I've heard yet another explanation for their name: after the Opium War the British and French armies set up communal hot-water stations, and the big chimney on the roof of the building showed people where to find these in the crowded alleys of Shanghai, so that "roof " slowly became a substitute local word for the stoves

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4. The Influence of English Mass Culture on Estonia

5. THE Growing Influence of English Mass Culture

6. The system of english tenses
The system of english tenses
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Changes and specimens of the English language
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Studies lexical material of English

9. Territorial varieties of English pronunciation

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13. Великобритания (расширенный вариант реферата 9490)

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Игра-головоломка "Дядюшкина ферма".
В головоломке Дядюшкина ферма (Funny Farm) игроки попробуют управиться с целым фермерским хозяйством, разместив гостей и обитателей фермы
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17. Water World as Another Home for English Nation Reflected in the English Folklore

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20. Древняя aнглийская проза (Ancient English Prose)

21. The history of Old English and its development

22. Types of tests used in English Language Teaching Bachelor Paper
Types of tests used in English Language Teaching Bachelor Paper
23. Indirect speech acts in modern English discourse. - Косвенные речевые акты в современном английском дискурсе
24. Темы по английскому языку (English topics)

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27. Реферат по научной монографии А.Н. Троицкого «Александр I и Наполеон» Москва, «Высшая школа»1994 г.

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Магнитный театр "Теремок".
Увлекательное театральное представление с любимыми героями русской народной сказки «Теремок» и вашим ребенком в роли главного режиссера.
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Развивающая доска "Пицца", 54 элемента, 5 слоев.
Деревянная доска "Пицца" - это увлекательный игровой набор для развития мелкой моторики, воображения и усидчивости Вашего
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33. Реферат по статье П. Вайнгартнера «Сходство и различие между научной и религиозной верой»

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35. Презентация: смысл, назначение, содержание

36. Семь чудес света - древний мир, средние века и наше время (история цивилизации, реферат)

37. Реферат по книге Н. Цеда Дух самурая - дух Японии

38. Реферат по теме “Человек на войне”
39. Реферат по биографии Виктора Гюго
40. Реферат - Физиология (Транспорт веществ через биологические мембраны)

41. США и Канада в АТР: набор рефератов

42. Композиторы in English

43. Презентация этноконфессиональных и региональных интересов в политических программах и предвыборных платформах партий

44. Как написать хороший реферат?

45. Сборник рефератов о конфликтах

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Шкатулка-фолиант "Книга Соломона", 21x13x5 см.
Шкатулка-фолиант выполнена в виде старой книги. Обложка шкатулки выполнена из кожзаменителя. Такая шкатулка послужит оригинальным, а
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Кресло детское мягкое "Мяу-Мяу".
Кресло-игрушка "Мяу-Мяу" (Кошечка) - яркое и оригинальное кресло для детской комнаты, выполненное с использованием вышивальной
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Пошита из водонепроницаемого износостойкого полиэстра. Подходит для частой стирки, не выцветает. Размер: 31х44 см.
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49. Differance

50. Бизнес-план - презентация деловой идеи. Зачем нужен бизнес-план?

51. Реферат о прочитаной на немецком языке литературы

52. Реферат для выпускных экзаменов

53. Реферат по ОБЖ, Тема: СПИД

54. Политическая география европейских меньшинств english
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56. Polysemy In The Semantic Field Of Movement In The English Language
Polysemy In The Semantic Field Of Movement In The English Language

57. My English Studies

58. British vs. American English

59. English country-side

60. English traditions

61. Relations between Ukraine and English-speaking countries

62. Examining english business letters

63. Чарльз, принц Уэльский english

64. Хэмфри Богарт english

Бумага "Color copy", А4, 220 г/м2, 250 листов.
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Мелки для доски, 12 цветов.
Набор цветных мелков для досок. Количество цветов: 12. Яркие цвета. Без пыли и крошек. Легко стирается. Обернуты в бумажную манжетку. В
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Бумага "IQ Selection Smooth", А4, 160 г/м2, 250 листов.
Класс: A+. Формат: А4. Количество листов: 250. Плотность бумаги: 160 г/м2. Белизна по CIE – 170 %. Подходит для двусторонней печати.
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66. Winning a Fortune english

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Should press de liable or not english
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72. Scotland /english/
Scotland /english/

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77. Топик по иностранному языку english

78. Топик по иностранному языку english

79. 3 Топика по иностранному языку english

80. 2 Топика по иностранному языку english

Настольная игра "На память".
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81. 2 Топика по иностранному языку english

82. 2 сочинения по иностранному языку для 9 класса english

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87. 5 топиков по иностранному языку /english/
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95. Мой любимый праздник /english/

96. Защита окружающей среды /english/

Ранец школьный "DeLune" с мешком для обуви, пенал, часы (арт. 9-119).
Ранец школьный «Каскадный», украшенный объёмной 3D картинкой,- это совершенно уникальное решение, сочетающее яркую, большую картинку и
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Влажные салфетки Johnson's baby Нежная забота, 256 штук.
Влажные салфетки для самых маленьких разработаны специально для ухода за нежной кожей. Они очищают настолько деликатно, что могут
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Токсичная капсула "Fungus Amungus".
Игровой набор Fungus Amungus "Токсичный контейнер" представляет собой капсулу, в которой находится один из эксклюзивных
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97. Изучение иностранных языков /english/

98. Выбор будующей профессии /english/

99. Вашингтон /english/

Поиск Рефератов на сайте za4eti.ru Вы студент, и у Вас нет времени на выполнение письменных работ (рефератов, курсовых и дипломов)? Мы сможем Вам в этом помочь. Возможно, Вам подойдет что-то из ПЕРЕЧНЯ ПРЕДМЕТОВ И ДИСЦИПЛИН, ПО КОТОРЫМ ВЫПОЛНЯЮТСЯ РЕФЕРАТЫ, КУРСОВЫЕ И ДИПЛОМНЫЕ РАБОТЫ. 
Вы можете поискать нужную Вам работу в КОЛЛЕКЦИИ ГОТОВЫХ РЕФЕРАТОВ, КУРСОВЫХ И ДИПЛОМНЫХ РАБОТ, выполненных преподавателями московских ВУЗов за период более чем 10-летней работы. Эти работы Вы можете бесплатно СКАЧАТЬ.